7 Effective Ways to Earn Money Online

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The evolution of technology increased drastically and exponentially in recent years. It consistently permeating into every layer of society. People nowadays tend to ferret out every morsel of information in various nature of the Internet, causing dramatic upheaval in the way we deal with others, how we deliver our work, and how we live our lives. The Internet has opened up so many possibilities for people around the world. We are now living in an age where there are no longer limitations on what we can achieve.

Regardless of the instantaneous omnipotence of modern technology, many people are still not aware of how powerful this thing is. A lot of us have no idea on how we can utilize the utmost potential inherently available through the Internet in order to make money online.

I will not lift your hopes high by saying it’s easy to make money online. It’s not. There are a lot of people vying for attention on the world wide web. Tons of articles and photos are published every millisecond. There is overwhelming information available online and sifting through the myriad resources to find the reliable ones is a forever challenge. The competition is ruinous and excessive. But earning online is NOT impossible either. In fact, I have been working online for more than a decade, immersed in different industries.

Believe me when I say, “I know what I am talking about here,” and in this article, allow me to discuss how to make use of the conveniences afforded to us by the Internet to empower us to earn.

Below is the list of effective ways to earn money online which have been proven and tested by yours truly. These are the ones that I’ve experienced first-hand or have actual knowledge of.


Blogging is a legitimate way to make money. However, it requires patience, persistence, discipline, and, in my experience, a LOT of time. I started blogging 15 years ago but was able to earn from it just 2 years ago – after changing domains and hosting for several times. When I was starting, I asked my friends to visit my blog and click on the ad links so I can earn some cents. Lol. I do not have to do that now and I will not recommend you doing it as it’s a prohibited practice. What I am trying to tell you is that it might have taken me ages to earn from blogging but I still emerged triumphant in the end. You can, too!

There are different ways to monetize a blog. I discussed the most effective ways of blog monetization in the video below:


Vlogging or video blogging is one of the effective ways to earn money online and might be the most lucrative, too. I am envious of people who can earn by simply posting their videos. Easy peasy, eh? I may not be the authority to talk about this thing because I have no experience of earning through vlogging yet but it’s a common knowledge that there are those who really made money by creating YouTube videos. 

We wish to reach that level of being a pro vloggers one of these days where we can get ads and sponsorships. We have yet to acquire 2,000 hours of watched hours – 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours are the requirements to monetize a vlog.

If you love talking, sharing your ideas, and making videos, try vlogging. It requires time and effort but can pay a lot. Also, you do not have to pay anything to setup your vlog. YouTube is FREE!


Freelancing websites such as Upwork and Freelancer.com have tons of job listings of various skills and expertise. You do not have to pay a membership fee to make an account with these sites. Just visit the site, sign up, look for a job that suits you, apply, and when a client likes your profile, presto! Landing a job in a freelancing site is indeed one of the effective ways to earn online. I personally know people who earn ₱100k to ₱200k per month from these sites.

If you have extensive experience in a field, you might want to consider selling your services through one of these sites. You have an option to choose a short-term project or a long-term job so you will have great control over your time and resources. You will also get paid in dollars!


Gone are the days when you have to drive miles to get a hold of something you need. Now, you can find food, drinks, clothing, apparel, home and garden equipment, every single thing you can think of from the web. Platforms like Lazada and Shopee can help build a transactional website without all the hassle. You can sell anything and get paid online in a snap. The online selling market has been on the rise since its inception.

Selling stuff is definitely one of the effective ways to earn money online, and the best way to make a profit through online selling is by buying low-cost products and reselling them for a higher price. Selling home-cooked food, plants, veggies, fruits, and delicacies is not impossible either. People love being in control of things and they like the experience of getting whatever they want in just flicks of their fingertips. By posting your products online, you can reach a greater market in a little span of time. Very effective indeed! Online, the limitation of what you can sell has been reduced to nothing. The Internet has opened up so many opportunities for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking workers. Take advantage of it.


If you like teaching, you can engage yourself in one-on-one tutoring sessions and get paid. Online English teachers are very much in demand nowadays and becoming one can give you a consistent monthly income of around ₱15,000 to ₱60,000. If you want to teach the Filipino market, online tutoring costs approximately ₱250 per hour.

Additional Read: Earn as an Online Teacher


I haven’t tried this yet but there are online communities that charge people for membership. I personally do not know how that works but if a community is something of an expert in a particular niche, then I think people of the same group will be willing to pay to be in it. Plus, having your own community, on Facebook for example, will give you easy access to your target market where you can use your influence to sell and promote your products and services, right?


The company I work for is based in the United States. I have been with them for almost 4 years now, working from the comfort of our home. My main role is to create and optimize video marketing materials for residential properties and upload them on YouTube. Pretty chill and straightforward.

There are a lot of other companies offering work-from-home kind of employment because of its cost-efficiency. You can try contacting VirtuallyinCredible, Sourcefit, and Cyberbacker among others.

Other ways to earn online include: Writing and Selling an E-book; Selling Audiobooks With Audible; Creating An App; Auctioning Items; Taking Online Surveys, or by literally flipping your smartphone to someone in a different country. There are a lot of effective ways to earn money online. If you can provide something new or differentiate what you do from what’s already available on the world wide web, you will have a better chance of success. It will seem frustrating in the beginning but everything will be worth it.

We wish that one day you could create a success story of your own. It’s a competitive space online so just keep on keeping on.

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