Bert Lozada Swimming School Review

bert lozada swimming school review
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Swimming is a life skill that we must teach our kids. It is also a great form of physical activity which involves the entire body, making it a perfect sport for everyone. These are just some of the reasons why swimming is on top of our summer activity list for Skye.

I am not a great swimmer; neither is the husband, but both of us agreed that Skye must be good at this sport as it is the one that has the potential to be a true lifesaver. So, for her summer activity, we enrolled her to Bert Lozada Swimming School.

At the age of 4, swimming has become her very first official class. Yeah, we haven’t enrolled her to play school and other educational programs because we want to invest in our daughter’s life skills first.

Why We Chose Bert Lozada Swim School?

The primary reason actually is because the school where they held their summer class is just 5 minutes away from our home. Very convenient for us. Their being in the industry for 60 strong years with more than 60 locations is just secondary.

Bert Lozada Swimming Lesson Fee

We paid ₱4,800 for 10 sessions held at Elizabeth Seton School in Imus, Cavite. (See the map below)

That’s like ₱480 per lesson. If you miss one session, you can request for a make-up class the next day. They are really not so strict about that.

Elizabeth Seton has an indoor swimming pool so you do not have to worry about your kids being toasted by the mighty sun or battered by the raindrops while having their class.

Love. Eat. Wander. Review of Bert Lozada Swimming School


  1. The swimming coaches are great. I appreciate that they have a woman coach available when we enrolled Skye. Her amiable character removed the fear from my little one. It was obvious that Bert Lozada Swimming School teachers knew what they were doing. They were very efficient in teaching, and they easily built rapport with children. Very professional to say the least. Skye enjoyed learning that she even so willingly demonstrated to us what she learned.
  2. The progress report /certificate provided by Bert Lozada Swimming School was a great way for the coaches to assess the improvements of their students and for us parents to know how our little ones are doing. Awesome job!


  1. I do not know how was the arrangement between Elizabeth Seton School and Bert Lozada Swimming School but when you enrol your kids to summer class in the said location, learn the  Swimming Club’s training schedule and by all means, stay away from that time. Our 3-4 schedule coincided with the training of the School Swimming Club, making the pool area crowded and chaotic. Too much splashing and squishing took the attention of the kids away from their coaches.
  2. There were instances when a swimming coach had more than 5 students — this was disappointing especially since they only had 1 hour to learn the day’s lesson. When we enrolled, the promised ratio was 5:1. I hope they can do something about this.

Our Plate of Unsolicited Advice for Bert Lozada Swimming School

These are very important, and I hope can be addressed accordingly. I am not sure if these are being applied to other branches, but apparently, not in their Seton branch.

1st – On the very first day of swimming class, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PROMOTE CAMARADERIE AND FRIENDSHIP FIRST AMONG THE STUDENTS. I think this is very important so they can further enjoy the class. Simply knowing each other will help them feel more confident, secure and happy. Allow them to introduce themselves and know their classmates before submerging them directly to the pool. For a group of 5 students, 15 minutes of introduction won’t hurt, eh?

2nd – I was informed that students will be grouped according to their ages during the enrollment but I was really disappointed when this wasn’t followed during the actual class. My daughter who’s 4 years old was supposed to be mixed with other students her age up to 6 years old, but she has 7 years and older classmates.

Will We Enroll Skye to Bert Lozada Swimming Lesson Again?

Yeah, we will enrol her again next summer; because, despite the disadvantages, the Bert Lozada Swimming School delivered what they promised. Skye hasn’t learned swimming yet but she more confident now in the water. She already knows how to float (she calls it Starfish Float) and do bubbles! That’s an achievement considering she doesn’t know anything when she started. However, we will make sure to be more choosy with her schedule now.

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