Best Places to Find Online Jobs

Best places to find jobs online
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We are compelled to spending more time at home nowadays and it’s nice to learn you do not have to stop earning when you have no means to report to your office physically, isn’t it?

The advent of technology makes it possible to earn while staying at home. The question however is – Where to find jobs online?

The truth is, there are a LOT of sites where you can find a job, be it a part-time, full-time, or project-based work. What I compiled here are the best places to find online jobs, those that I have personally used, and those where clients are of good quality and pay well. Check them out, and I wish you land on one of the jobs listed there. You will see that that the job list is extensive and the range is expansive. It’s up to you on how to take advantage of the myriad opportunities presented.

Best of luck!

I remember a friend once said, “A lover might leave you but never will LiNa”.

That’s a joke, and you’re supposed to laugh.

I think every graduating student must have a JobStreet account. That is if you are serious in finding an employer the smartest way. Gone are the days when you have to trek the length of Ayala Boulevard with your resume on hand, sweaty and ugly, going from office to office hoping to get hired. Impress your future employer through your JobStreet profile and secure an interview schedule in a minute or two, and yes from the comfort of your home!

JobStreet is where you can start hunting for a job, it’s one of the best and the basic platforms to look for an employer. Unlike before when all jobs offered there are full-time and office-based, they now have part-time and remote jobs available. Aliw!

Wait, you said you do not know LinkedIn?
That’s why you are having a hard time getting a job online!

Linked is a thing right now!
A must-have!
It’s a platform you should be part of.

LinkedIn is like Facebook, only the stuff posted there are work-related, no-nonsense.

It is a place where professionals from around the world convene, interact, and support each other. It is where employees and employers connect and share experiences. It can also be a place to scout for a good-paying job or a quality employer! Needless to say, it is one of the best places to find online jobs.

If in case you still cannot find a job there, be inspired by success stories posted by other people who managed to reach their goals. Learn from them. Imitate them if need be.

Go check it out. Thank me later.

I have been part of the Upwork community even before it became Upwork. It was known as oDesk back then. When it was still oDesk, the pay being offered to online workers, newbies especially, were peanuts so I never tried getting a job there. I just created my profile and left.

In June of 2020 however, thinking of leaving my full-time online job, I tried to recover my oDesk (now known as Upwork Global Inc.) account back and checked possibilities of landing a good job. Lo and behold, I managed to bag 2 jobs in less than 2 weeks after I recovered my account. One job pays $6 per hour and another one pays $12 per hour.  

Cool right?

Thing is, it is difficult to be part of the Upwork Community now due to the oversupply of talents. If your skills revolve around marketing, web creation, bookkeeping and such, you might have difficulty joining Upwork. That’s fine, other options you can check are and Remember however that these are bidding platforms. You bid on the job you want.

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