Best Street Foods for a Date

Best Street Foods for a Date
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Many people like to travel, but in order to save money and expand the bundle of culinary knowledge, they prefer to snack on street food. If you travel with your girlfriend, there’s a list of the most original street food dishes to surprise your significant other.

Mohinga (Myanmar)

This soup with noodles is an example of the best taste qualities of Asian cuisine. This fish broth with rice or pea flour, and a traditional combination of shallot, crispy cores of the banana tree, thin rice noodles and chopped coriander.

Banh mi (Vietnam)

It’s the best sandwich in the world. It begins with a light char-grill baguette. It’s filled with meat, crispy pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs. Then it’s napped with a few drops of soy sauce and sprinkled with hot spices.

Phat Kaphrao (Thailand)

It’s roast meat with spices and herbs. Basil is an integral ingredient of the dish. Its leaves are fried with chopped pork, chicken or seafood, as well as chopped garlic, chilli and, sometimes, beans. The dish is poured with fish sauce and sprinkled with a pinch of sugar.

Sfenj (Morocco)

These are surprisingly aerated fried rings from unsweetened yeast dough. They are eaten in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tamales (Mexico)

The most common tamales are made with pork or chicken, salsa or mole sauce, as well as pepper and cheese. All this is wrapped in tortillas of cornmeal or banana leaves and steamed to a soft and seductive state. This dish is especially popular among Ukrainian girls. Ask them about its taste.

Red Red (Ghana)

This hot, sweet and spicy dish combines beans with fried vegetable bananas and zomi (red palm oil). The key element of the dish is zomi, it has a rich, piquant nut taste.

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