Best Things Brought by COVID-19

Best Things brought by Covid-19
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It is not easy to find reasons to be cheerful nowadays. Having an invisible health enemy lurking around is enough is suck the happiness from many of us. As the death toll continues to rise, many are losing hope and giving up.

I hope you are not one of them.

Life is not easy.

But it has never been easy to start with.
It may be is challenging now but it is not all doom and gloom.

The pandemic has brought with it a smorgasbord of side effects, mostly negative.
However, instead of focusing on the heartbreaking news, how about, at least for once, let us look at some good things – positive and uplifting things – that come out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here, I made a list.

The Earth is Healing

We all need a break; even invincible-looking ones like Mother Earth.

All she does is nurturing and taking care of us all for eons, don’t you think a year or two of hibernation is just fair?

Because of this pandemic, there are fewer cars on the road, there are hardly any planes careening the sky, there are fewer people littering the streets. Yay! Our world is starting to heal itself.

Look at the skies. They are bluer.
The ozone layers, thicker.
The waters are clearer.
And the air, fresher.

It may seem forced and instant, and we may be unprepared for it. But if not now, when?
Maybe this pandemic is the much-needed reset needed by Mother Earth so she can continue doing what she does for us now so the future generation can live.

So yeah, let us think about our children. This sacrifice of not being able to go out often and travel more is for them to have a greener tomorrow.

Isn’t it nice that the world, the only place we can live in, is recuperating so it can support the generations to come?

This Corona Virus Pandemic is the epoch of 21st century, don’t you think?

Ample Time to Restructure Life

With physical distancing, we unexpectedly realized how beneficial it is to have “alone” time, something that seems very impossible pre-Covid19. Consider this “window” to think about making lifestyle changes.

What really matters?

Re-organize your life and re-think your priorities. According to a Psychologist friend, people are more open to habit changes at times of challenges. Now is the best time to make a move, plan, and (if possible) execute.

People are Discovering Hidden Talents and Improving Their Skills

Look at your newsfeeds. Who would have thought your life is plagued with myriad friends who are talented. I am sure you never knew (name) can sing, dance, or play a musical instrument until you saw that video s/he posted.

Aren’t they amazing? They are absolutely cool at what they do that you wonder now why they never have shown this side of them before.

I have seen people who evolved from being wallflowers to bakers, carpenters, interior designers, and a lot more! To make it more interesting, they all started from being a noob to expert. Awesome sauce!

The idle time brought by the pandemic has given us all the necessary access that leads us to discover what lies within ourselves.

Even my husband emerged from being a destroyer (because he broke the toilet flush, cabinet hinges, water pipes, etc.) to a builder. Look at this pretty plant pot holder/stand he made. He also enrolled in a wood crafting course to further develop his newly found passion.

A Lot of Opportunities Have Opened Up for  Small Business

The Covid-19 pandemic has even the competition field for businesses. (No offense to big businesses.) A lot of us realized that it is possible to make trades and acquire profit even within the comfort of our homes.

The earnestness of people to earn has paved way to tons of ways to do business online. In fact, online selling has become so popular someone kid “Everybody now is a seller. No one is left to buy.”

Some even ramp up the intensity by being officially registered with the government trade industry.

We Have Learned the Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

Pre-Covid 19, how often do you wash your hands?

If you are like me, who does not particularly put hygiene at the forefront of my mind, washing my hands twice a day used to be good enough. Also, I do not sanitize or use alcohol before. It makes my hands dry.

Not anymore. I cannot risk not washing my hand every single time I touch anything outside our home perimeter. It took me some time getting used to regular washing and sanitizing but I know this is for a greater good.

We know it is not easy.
We are not invalidating the hardships you are going through.
But try to think of this:

Worrying, being mad, being scared, or complaining will not make the virus away. If there’s one thing you will get from harboring any of these emotions, it’s lower immunity.

So you might as well live positively.
We all die anyway.
As to when is not ours to say; but as to how – it won’t hurt to die happily, yeah?

Hang in there.
Focus on the bright side.
It brings luck.

Thank you for dropping by!


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