Bohol Tourist Spots You Can Visit in One Day

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There are various Bohol tourist spots you can visit in a day tour. A lot of people visiting Cebu also look for alternative ways to visit its nearby province, Bohol. If you are one of them, this travel guide was specifically created for you.

If you are coming from Cebu, have a full day to spare and no flight to catch, a one day trip to Bohol is definitely a good idea. It will only take roughly 12 hours for you to visit most of the popular Bohol tourist spots.

Cebu to Bohol only takes just 2 hours of ferry ride. Take note that you must take the 6AM trip so you’ll have ample time to roam around the province of Bohol.

Cebu to Bohol by Ferry – DIY TRAVEL GUIDE


Some of the Bohol tourist spots you can include in your itinerary and their corresponding rates/entrance fees are as follows.

Baclayon Church and Museum (Free) – one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines.

Loboc River Cruise with Buffet Lunch (₱700) – the most popular tourist attraction in Bohol next to Chocolate Hills. Enjoy cruising from the Loboc town until the Busay Falls while having a buffet lunch on board.

Tarsier Viewing (₱60) – See Bohol Tarsiers (Tarsius Syrichta) up-close and get amazed by these world’s smallest primates.

Billar Man-Made Forest (Free) – This man-made forest of about two-kilometers of dense mahogany trees is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, they refer to it as a dead forest as it created ecological imbalance.

Chocolate Hills (₱50) – Offering more than 1,268 cone-shaped hills spread over an area of 50 square kilometers is a must-see in the province. The fact that these strange geological formations have baffled a lot of geologists already says something about this exceptional site.

Butterfly Garden & Python Viewing (₱100) – there used to be a humongous python in Albur, Bohol called Prony. It was said to be one of the longest (23 feet long with his center body circumference at 34 inches) and heaviest (300 kg or 660 lbs) python in captivity. The “Live Anaconda of Bohol” died in 2013. After then, different animal centers opened tours to attract tourists by offering pythons as one of their attractions.

Blood Compact Monument (Free) – the landmark of the first international treaty of friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos.

St. Peter’s Ruins Church (Free) – This is a historical church containing a lot of interesting treasures such as decorative stone carvings and friezes on the exterior walls, a relief of St. Ignatius in polychrome stucco intriguingly hidden behind the main altar, seven ancient retablos from both the Jesuit and Recollect periods, etc.

Please note that these places can all be visited in a day if you have your own private transportation as the local commute is a little difficult in the areas covered.


  • 05:00AM – Leave Cebu/Mactan hotel
  • 06:00 AM – Depart Cebu Port
  • 08:00AM – Arrival Tagbilaran Wharf / Start with the Tour
  • 11:30AM – Loboc River Cruise w/ lunch on board
  • 12:30PM – Continue with the tour
  • 04:00PM – Back to Tagbilaran port to check in
  • 04:20PM – Depart Tagbilaran port going back to Cebu
  • 06:20PM – Estimated time of Arrival in Cebu Port
  • 07:00PM – Estimated time of arrival in the Hotel

Note: Above sample IT might be changed anytime. Timing will depend on various reasons such as pacing, availability of the ferry tickets, etc.


Ferry ₱450 – ₱500 per personRates vary according to type
Vehicle rental₱300 – motorcycle
₱1,500 – tricycle
₱1800 above – sedan/van
Motorcycle rental does not include gas/parking fees
Entrance Fees₱910You can lower this down if you plan to skip some of the sites or prefer not to have a buffer lunch in Loboc River

Sole Adventours, our travel agency partner offers a day tour from Cebu to Bohol for only ₱4,050 (11 years old above) and ₱2985 (4-10 years old). The package includes the following:

  • Pick-up from any hotel/resort within Cebu area. There’s an additional ₱300 if hotel/resort is in Mactan area. So we suggest that you book cheap hotels in Cebu.
  • AC transportation (hotel/resort to the pier and vice versa)
  • Roundtrip ferry tickets
  • Services of a licensed tour guide in Bohol
  • AC transportation in Bohol
  • Loboc River Cruise with buffet lunch
  • All entrance and parking fees
  • Taxes

Terminal fee (₱25 per person in Cebu and ₱20 per person in Bohol) will be on a personal account which will be paid on the site. If you want to add tips for your driver or tour guide, you may do so, too.

Travel hack: You can take advantage of Sole Adventours’ Bohol Day Tour Package for only around ₱750 per person if you will travel to Bohol from Cebu directly. Just tell them you will start the tour from Tagbilaran Port. Although for this, you will be paying all entrance fees and cover the buffet lunch rate which is ₱700 per person (you can skip this if you like). But still, that’s more than 50% off the price they offer if you will have them pick you up from the hotel. Besides, going to Cebu Port from anywhere in Cebu or Mactan is so easy it doesn’t require experience. Another best and hassle-free option is booking a discounted Bohol Countryside Tour.

☞ Check discounted hotel accommodation in Bohol.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Some information in this post (rates, contact information, etc.) are accurate from the time of writing but may change anytime without notice. Should you know the updated information, or if you want to add something in this travel guide, please leave a message below for the reference of other travelers. Thank you for helping us in keeping this article updated.

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