Bolinao Travel Guide – Best Places to Visit in a Day!

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Pangasinan is more than just Bangus and Hundred Islands. This third largest province in the Philippines offers so much more. One of its municipality, Bolinao, boasts stunning beaches, amazing waterfalls, majestic caves, centuries-old church, impressive lighthouses, and delicious food!

Hailed as the “Hidden Jewel of the North,” Bolinao, with its amazing natural wonders will definitely impress you. It is now making a name in the tourism industry as photos and videos of new destinations make rounds in social media. People are now flocking to this area of the province to experience its unspoiled beauty.

Did you know that you can visit seven of the best places (including one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines) of Bolinao in a day? Click on the photos below to see their raw beauty!

  1. Bolinao Falls 1
  2. Bolinao Falls 2
  3. St. James Church
  4. Enchanted Cave
  5. Balingasay River
  6. Cape Light House
  7. Patar White Beach

How to Get to Bolinao

Via Public Transportation (Bus from Cubao or Pasay)

  1. There are 3 major bus line companies offering day and night trips to Bolinao, Pangasinan: (1) Victory Liner from the Cubao Q.C. terminal, (2) FiveStar Bus Inc. form the Pasay City terminal, and (3) Dagupan Bus Line from the Cubao Q.C. terminal. You can book an ordinary (no air-con) or an air-conditioned bus. Travel time is 5-6 hours.
  2. Upon arriving at bus station, you can hire a tricycle to take you to your preferred destinations. The driver can also serve as your tour guide.

Via Private Transportation (Own/rented Car)

  1. The most efficient way to reach Bolinao is by taking SCTEX (Subic, Clark, and Tarlac Expressway) route, passing by the municipalites of Alaminos and Bani.

Projected Expenses for a DIY Trip to Bolinao

Items Rate Total (rough estimate) Notes

Bus fare

Php450 – Php500 (air-con) Php1000 Despite several stops (3 stops) travelling by bus can be more convenient as you can move freely 
Php350 – Php400 (non air-con) Php800
Tricycle Rental Php1,000 – Php1,500 (for 4 persons) Php1, 500 Php1,000 is their minimum rate
Waterfalls Entrance Fee Php40 / head / waterfalls Php80 (for 2 waterfalls) Rate is not fixed. Sometimes they collect Php50 per person for every waterfalls.
Cottage Rental Php200 / cottage on every waterfalls (can be shared by the group) Php400 This is optional so you can skip renting a cottage if you’re in a tight budget.
Enchanted Cave Entrance Fee Php150 / person Php150
Life jacket rental Php50 / person Php50 This is optional. We suggest you check the places first (falls & enchanted cave) and assess if you really have to rent a life jacket to enjoy the place. If you plan to do cliff jumping (falls) or swimming in the middle of the cave, then go ahead and rent one. 
Parking Fee Php20 in waterfalls
Php50 in Enchanted Cave
Php50 in Patar Beach
Php120 These fees apply to all kinds of vehicles. So yes, even if you have your own car or renting a tricycle, you will have to pay.

Sample Itinerary: Bolinao in a Day

01:30AM – ETD Metro Manila (Cubao)
06:30AM – ETA to Bolinao / Breakfast
07:00AM – ETA to Bolinao Falls 1
07:30AM – ETA to Bolinao Falls 2
09:00AM – ETD to St. James Church
09:30AM – ETA to St. James Church
10:00AM – ETD to Enchanted Cave
10:30AM – ETA to Enchanted Cave
11:30AM – ETD to Balingasay River
11:45AM – ETA Balingasay River/Lunch
01:00PM – ETD to Cape Light House
02:00PM – ETD to Patar White Beach
05:00PM – Pack-up / Fix and Prepare for the travel back to Manila.
11:00PM – ETA to Cubao (Drop-off point)

Travel Tips for Bolinao

  • Although in most cases, DIY trip can be more cost-efficient, you can save more if you will join arranged tours to Bolinao. We joined the ocular tour of the travel agency, Sole Adventours. They offer Bolinao Day Tour for only Php980 per pax (inclusive of everything except entrance fees and meals), their regular rate is Php1,200 per pax (still cheaper than doing the DIY trip). You can message them here –
  • Bring enough hydration, food, insect repellent. And sun protection. You will need them!
  • If you want to further explore the place, you can stay overnight in one of the cottages in Patar Beach.
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Watch our Bolinao trip video below for a more fun virtual tour!

Look for a hotel or a resort in Bolinao here.

Thank you for dropping by. Keep exploring! 


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    May I add a helpful resource in choosing accommodation and restaurants in Bolinao that was just published? it is a fairly comprehensive guide for 2017-2018 although three to five resorts are built per year so if the blog is 2014, figure there are about 10-15 new resorts since the blog was written.

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