Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort Travel Guide: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

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Oslob, Cebu is known worldwide because of the whale shark watching activity that the place offers. Swimming with the whale shark was our family’s plan when we drove to this Southern part of the province. However, when we got there, we decided to drop the plan since we don’t think our 4-year-old daughter will enjoy it.

We aimlessly cruised through the winding roads until I decided to check online the best places to see in Oslob. Cancuaay Private Beach Resort is included among the top recommendations so we set went there instead.

We were so excited. Right after we parked our car, we hurried down the 200 something steps that lead down the cliff, so eager to see what’s on the end. It ended on the beach where nipa cottages were located.

Ghaad, we’re disappointed! The place was overrated. We were faced with a classic situation of expectation versus reality. The place was way way way way way way different from the photos we saw online. It’s not at all pretty, or maybe pretty is subjective, eh? We made a vlog so you can check it and decide for yourself.

But anyhoo, just to set your expectations properly and not get surprised and disappointed like us, we think it is very important to let you know that:

  1. The beauty of the place shows only during high tide, and that only happens in the morning. After lunch, expect bare rocky, uneven shores. Our bad, we visited it when the tide was low. So take note, if you want to get the perfect, Instagram-worth photos like those you see online, leave Cebu City the earliest possible time.
  2. There’s nothing much to do in the area. The rocky shore was full of sharps rocks making it difficult to enjoy a stroll. Swimming is also not a very good idea as the waves can be unforgiving, you might end up splattered across the boulders that abound the place.
  3. Staying overnight is not a very smart decision. Go back to number 2 for the reason.
  4. Do not bring your kids, your grandparents, your old parents, or someone who is physically challenged to Cancuaay Private Beach Resort because, oh we already said it THERE ARE 200 SOMETHING STEPS THAT EVERYONE HAS TO ENDURE JUST TO GET TO THE BEACH.
  5. There is no good food in the area so bring your own baon. They do not charge a corkage fee so that’s fine.

If you still want to insist on going to Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort to see it for yourself, then let us help you in finding your disappointment.


Address: Brgy. Tan-awan, Cangcuay, Oslob, Southern Cebu

1.) Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal (along N. Bacalso National Road) then ride a bus bound for Bato via Oslob. 3-4 hours₱150 – ₱200 per way
2.) Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Cancua-Ay Beach Resort. It’s just beside Seafari resort.
3.) Find that stairs leading down the beach. You will pass by a big house with a not-so-friendly old man that will ask where you’re heading. Just tell him you are a visitor and brings no bad luck. Lol.

We see from other sites that Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort is also accessible from Dumaguete via Sibulan Port through Lilo-An Port in Santander, Cebu from where you can hail a bus going to Oslob. Travel time is only an hour. Cool!

On our end, we simply drove to the area using our own vehicle. We used Waze (you can also use Google Maps) and simply searched for “Tan-awan Cangcuay Beach- Modern Villa De Luxe, Oslob, Cebu”.

Take note that parking space is limited to at least 8 vehicles.


Day Tour (10AM to 5PM): ₱150 per adult / ₱50 per kid

Overnight Tour (5PM onwards): ₱300 per adult / ₱100 per kid (Let me remind you again that staying overnight is not a smart idea. Your choice. Bring a tent.)

If there is one good thing about Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort it is the fact that cottages are FREE for paying guests BUT on a first-come, first-serve basis.

From a visitor’s point of view, if you really want to stay overnight, then it is better to stay in Seafari Resort. It has an infinity pool that overlooks the vast ocean. Also, you can simply walk the shore and reach Cancua-Ay Private Beach Resort if you’re checked-in at Seafari. You can book here.

Seafari Resort

Seafari swimming pool that overlooks the same beach of Cancua-Ay Resort

Also, there are a lot more activities you better do than sit your ass out all day in this resort waiting for the tide to go up.

Help us keep this travel guide updated. If there are changes in rates and other information indicated in this post, please find a time to leave a comment below for the reference of other travellers.

☞ Book/check other hotels and resorts in Oslob.

Thank you for dropping by!



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