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For almost two years, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of what used to be normal. Even though some of the restrictions are lifted, there are some industries that are still crippled by the ongoing pandemic. One of the industries severely affected by this pandemic is the Hospitality industry. A lot of people working in hotels, restaurants, and bars are laid off and lost their jobs due to the indoor dining restrictions bought to the pandemic. With most countries slowly lifting their covid 19 restrictions, I hope that the workers affected may soon be back on their feet.

As for most of us who are thriving during these times, we still have our trusty phones (though some might have upgraded their phones) to keep ourselves entertained. The current technology brought us almost unlimited access to the outside world within the reach of our hands.

Recently, while I was doing some research about the effects of the ongoing pandemic on the workers in the Hospitality Industry, I stumbled upon the website of The site offers a glimpse of how it is to be part of the industry. 

The site has a tip calculator, in case you and your friends want to calculate your share of the tip. The good thing about this tool is it takes into consideration how many you are sharing and the amount that you will give as a tip. 

Are you aware that the tipping culture in the USA is imported from Europe during the 1800s?

As we know, tipping is one, if not the most, of where the people in the industry get their pay. In some cases, we see people who brag across social media about how they manage to refuse to give tips to the workers. It is not the first time it happened though as some famous personalities from history oppose giving tips. I wouldn’t recommend that you follow their example though.

A bit of tipping history.

I came across some of the fun stuff that they offer. They have online games that you can play for free. I get to experience how it is to be a part of the industry even if it is just virtual. Here are some of the games that I tried. To get to the links you can go to the website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Fun!

Open Restaurant Manager

Did you ever feel overwhelmed managing a lot of people that need your utmost attention? Now, imagine it multiplied several times? You get the picture, right? That is what I felt playing the game Open Restaurant Manager. The game is simple, your character is someone who manages a restaurant. 

Here is the screenshot of the actual gameplay.

You get the number of customers and look for a table where you can sit them, get their orders, and you wait until they pay up. However, the fun part starts when there are a lot of customers coming in and it can get overwhelming. Imagine doing this all by yourself, with a quota of profits that you need to reach, in a set amount of time. 

I know, I get swamped in my first few tries that I am screaming when I don’t reach the quota. I get so absorbed playing this that I forgot about the time, all I need is to reach the quota. 

Me not making the cut. (Insert crying emoji)

Penguin Café

The next game I tried is Penguin Café. It is almost the same gameplay as Open Restaurant, but your character is a penguin that takes orders and makes a profit. I can say that the graphics are too cute and the gameplay much simpler, but it doesn’t mean that this isn’t fun. This is more of a relaxed version of the other game with a story to tell.

The instructions are very entertaining and simulate real life. It shows you that there are times when we get the orders wrong. 

You need to complete the total profit at a given time, coins are given when you complete an order. In some cases, you must be careful especially if you give the incorrect item to a customer.

The game is based on different levels. The higher the levels, the more tables, and customers you get in. You slowly build your confidence as the game progresses. 

This is how the game is set up.

You take your customer’s order, make sure that you remember it as once you have several customers, it gets tricky.

I don’t want to brag about it, but I always exceed my client’s expectations.

I make it a point that I provide quality service above and beyond. The profits show it.

Pretty much sums up what I am good at, PROFITS!!!!

I just imagined how accurate this situation is in real life. Playing this game makes me appreciate the people behind the Hospitality industry. While I am spilling my brains out of frustration because I couldn’t meet the quota on a virtual game, there are people out there that make us feel special by giving their utmost attention and care to our needs. If ever I go out, I will make sure that they are given respect because they deserve it.  I hope that we get to see the smiling faces that make our dining experience more pleasant.

Thank you for dropping by!


Ron Dela Cruz is a full-time employee who likes to cook and volunteer for charities in his free time. He’s a mountaineer, a backpacker, a traveler, and everything in between. He hopes to open his own restaurant someday soon.


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