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By Tsika Garcia-Baylan

Who can say no to a sweet treat?

Filipinos love munching on something sweet every after a meal. We call that “panghimagas”. Some, who do not really care about how much fat deposits they have, prefer eating sweets whenever there’s a chance.

I grew up with my mom cooking Leche Flan and Ube Halaya every Christmas Season. Her usual customers were her co-workers and some friends. After she retired, her customers’ number dwindled down, until my brother suggested to post her sweet delicacies online.

Posting food products online is the easiest way to get a wide array of target markets. In fact, because of its availability, a lot of bakers/cooks prefer to sell and promote their products through social media like Facebook or Instagram than any other outlets.

Below are some of the lists of Desserts Online Local Businesses in the Philippines

Teresita Sweet and Treats

Teresita Sweet and Treats by Mr. Paul Christian Parungao was created to introduce the pastry line of his mother brand Happy Tummy Cake and Studio Café. The goal of Teresita is to come up with high-quality yet affordable sweet treats.

Paul, who works in a BPO company as a Relationship Manager, has a passion for baking. He aims to continuously improve his skills by baking for those who inspire him – his family and loved ones. Below are some of his products for sell.

  • Egg Tarts ₱280 (box of 6) is one of the sweet treats that I really enjoy eating, and I only buy this at Lord Stow’s. But when I had a taste of Teresita’s egg tarts, it was like heaven in every bite for me. The baker was able to make a perfect buttery crust and when you bite into it, you wouldn’t want to waste the crust that may fall. Once you are in the middle of it, the soft texture inside (like that of a Leche Flan) will welcome your taste buds. The subtle saltiness of the crust and the sweet taste inside it combines a tasty explosion. You wouldn’t want to miss that!
  • Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies  ₱200 (1 dozen) to be honest I was never a fan of oatmeal cookies. I bought some from different bakeries a long time ago and never had a liking to it. It was either too chewy to bite or too sweet for me. Until one of my constants ordered this for me from Teresita. I was not actually excited to eat it, but oh my goodness! It is not the usual oatmeal cookies that I had. The texture of the cookie was baked perfectly. Not too chewy and has the right amount of sweetness.
  • Cookies and Cream Polvoron  ₱75 (14 pieces) of Teresita will not make you get tonsillitis for sure! It has a faint sweetness yet it still has the taste of the milk powder that everyone likes.

If you want to order these sweet treats, connect with them at Teresita Sweet and Treats Facebook Page. If you want to try their customized cakes, message them at Happy Tummy Cake Studio and Café.  

Yamang Kusina ni Khareen

Yamang Kusina ni Khareen started during ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine). Mrs. Khareen Olivaros – Torres had no work and was so bored that she kept on thinking what else they can do to survive the pandemic. Her husband, Mr. Aldrin Torres, told her to bake since it is trending these days. She tried to bake Ensaymada and failed many times until she was able to achieve her desired consistency. Later on, she shared her Ensaymada to her friends and neighbors. One thing leads to another. Her neighbors started offering on buying her Ensaymada. Since then, she’s been consistently cooking her special Ensaymada to meet the demands. The positive feedback from her customers inspire here to do more, and better.

  • Cheesy Ensaymada  ₱110 (box of 6) of Yamang Kusina has pillowlike dough with buttercream on top and lotsa cheese! My husband is not a fan of this bread but when he tasted their Ensaymada, he wanted more of it. The saltiness of the cheese complements the entire bread and the subtle sweetness of the buttercream, which made it more exciting to eat!
  • Chocolatey Crinkles ₱100 (1 dozen) I have had bites of many different crinkles and I can say that Yamang Kusina’s crinkles are one of the best I had. I was actually surprised that it magically captivated my taste buds. It has a round-like crinkled top which is so soft. With just one bite, you will taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate and at the same time the sweetness of the confectioner sugar, then it will all melt in your mouth! Now, that’s bittersweet happiness in a bite!

You can check Yamang Kusina Facebook Page if you want to place your oder.

Betchay’s Sweet Treats

Betchay’s Sweet Treats started in February 2019 but Mrs. Maribeth Navarrete Datiles, the owner, has been baking and selling her desserts since 2018.  Every time she bakes, she would offer a free taste to her friends and classmates of her children. Sometimes, she would bake for her children’s teachers as a gift. This strategy made her sweet treats popular to many — especially to students and teachers. Her customers are her inspiration for baking.

  • Yema Cake ₱75 I once bought a Yema Cake from a cake shop in a mall because I was really craving for it but got just disappointed because the chiffon was dry and the frosting is only covering the top part of the cake. Good thing, I ordered from Betchay’s Sweet Treats! Her chiffon is perfectly soft and the frosting overflows the entire cake, you will even have extra frostings in the tub! One more thing that is extra special about it is the grated cheese on top. It has the right balance of sweet and salty Yema Cake!
  • Graham De Leche ₱100 My husband and daughter love this! Because it is a fusion of their two favorite desserts; Leche Flan and Frozen Graham Cake. The unique flavor of the two different desserts gave it a luscious taste. The top is the Leche Flan then under it are the layers of graham along with the heavy cream around it. A perfect combination you will never forget!

D Cookie Station

D Cookie Station is owned by Mrs. Dheeya Soriano. February 2019 when she launched her online business. Her son would sometimes compare her cookies with other store-bought ones, and he always assures her that the tastiness of her cookies is incomparable. She kept on practicing and learning, and then eventually came up with the right cookie recipe which her family, friends, and customers love.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie ₱250 (box of 10) I once tried baking chocolate chip cookies and failed many times over until I gave up. When I heard about Mrs. Soriano’s struggles before finding the perfect cookie blend, I was not surprised. I have been there. I was actually inspired to try it again. Her Chocolate chip cookie has a chewy bite that l like. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and the chocolate chips are of high quality that you wouldn’t get from other bakers. One cookie would not be enough to satisfy your cravings because for sure, you would keep on munching until there is no more.


Carmina’s, like other businesses, started during the pandemic season. Mrs. Carmina Felipe has been baking since she was a young mother. She wanted to be a super mom that could do anything for her three sons — like baking cakes and cookies. Now that her sons are old enough, she has more free time for herself. One of her sons motivated her to share her talent for baking.

  • Carrot Cake Deluxe ₱210 is yummy and healthy! When I saw a picture of Carmina’s carrot cake, I had been curious about its taste. I ordered one carrot cake and the picture didn’t let me down. It has a perfectly spiced flavor and each forkful tastes soft. The frosting also adds extra flavor once it’s settled in your mouth. I had to force myself not to finish it all so I still have some for later. Her Carrot cake is definitely a must-try!

Thank you for dropping by!


Love. Eat. Wander.

Nanay Tsika is a full-time mother and a part-time Online English Teacher. She enjoys writing DIY storybooks for her daughter and she has a passion for teaching as she believes continuously learning is a process for great improvements. 

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