EARLY EDUCATION: Things to Consider when Looking for the Perfect School for Your Child

Early Education School
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By Wria Pena

There are a million and one reasons why it’s good to enroll your little ones (4 years old and below) in a playschool but the most important amongst them all is SOCIALIZATION. You know, some things can only be learned when these little ones are around actual people dealing with actual situations or dilemmas.

Note: Homeschooling is a different matter. If you are looking for write-ups about the differences between progressive approaches of education such as Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, etcetera, we hope to tackle that next time. You may now exit this page or carry on if you must.

While you’re in the process of looking for the best pre-kindergarten school for your child/ren, here are the things to consider to find the perfect school.

  1. Budget. Let’s not beat around the bush. Budget is all about the money involved in your child’s education. The school your child will be attending to should be within your means. Period. Centers and schools have employees, facilities, and equipment to pay, too. So please be considerate. If you feel you will not be able to sustain a 10-month payment scheme, it is best to tell the center that you will only be enrolling for x number of months; better yet, ask the school for a possibility of a two-times-a-week schedule. Small schools and centers can accommodate these requests.
  2. Teacher. Yes, more than the facility, the teacher must be on top of your things for consideration. The teacher NOT the principal nor the admin. The actual teacher who will lead your child daily because s/he will be your child/ren’s constant companion for the 2 to 4 hours she or he will be in school.
    • FACT: 80% of the teacher’s personality will rub into your child. So you have to (a.) check if the teacher speaks fluently in English or whatever dialect you use (Tagalog, Ilongo, Bicol etc). (b.) check if she sings and dances with gusto; because you know, it’s fun to have a fun teacher, eh? (c.) Check if the teacher dresses well; because, why not? (d.) If you want your child to be confident, check the teacher’s confidence. Again, your child/ren will emulate his or her teacher.
    • How to do this? Schools and centers have trial classes where parents, along with their kids, can join and observe. You can also request for a specific time where you can observe classes if they do not offer trial classes, and they must grant your request.
  3. Program. Not the learning program but the special programs. Extracurricular activities and programs such as Nutrition month or Filipino month help foster your child’s diligence and confidence. Training for speech in front of a live audience requires rehearsal which helps develop your child’s self-confidence. Conquering ones fear of performing in public requires practice in not only 1 activity so having 3 or 4 special programs/school activities in one school year is great.  It is always good to note these special events and programs so you will have time to save those sick and vacation leaves for when it matters.
  4. Safety and security. But of course! You do not want your child/ren to be in a place that poses danger, eh? Some playschools have surveillance camera monitoring system that can be accessed by parents. That would be awesome to have, right? Will put you at peace.

The perfect school really is when you, the parent, and your child are both happy. Because when your child sees that you are eager to bring them to school and are willing to participate in what they are doing, your child will find joy in it, too.

Enjoy parenting!



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Note: We have no diplomas nor certificate of expertise about parenting. All that we have are experiences. We highly recommend that you still verify everything through research or seek advice from the experts. 

Mommy Teacher Wria is a preschool teacher. Their family owns the Treescoolers Child Care Center Paranaque, a child-centered facility that provides safe and secure recreational and educational activities for children ages 18 months and above.

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