Four of the Most Romantic Destinations to Visit in New Zealand

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New Zealand is an amazing place for outdoor adventuring. Millions of people visit this small country each year. While the experiences are great for vacation getaways, they can also be great for couples to grow closer together. Taking a trip to New Zealand with your significant other can be just the romantic getaway the two of you need.

Visiting this South Pacific country will remind you of the dates you would see on The Bachelor. Beautiful ocean scenery, gorgeous mountains, and awesome rainforests make for some great couples activities while enjoying the luxuries the modern resorts provide.

If you want to take your loved one on a romantic trip, then consider the wonders of New Zealand. Be sure that you take lots of pictures, you’re going to want to blog about your trip when you get back. If the images you have don’t express the emotions you felt while on your Kiwi getaway, use the free love photos online to voice with imagery what your words cannot. Share your love for each other with the world.

Here, you will find some of the best locations to visit to bring the two of you closer as a couple. Who knows, you may want to return for the inevitable honeymoon.


Nothing brings two people together better than being alone with one another. In Fiordland, you will get just that – solitude. Even though you will be touring a vast, mountainous area popular for tourists and locals alike, you will still be secluded as the two of you appreciate the stunning surroundings you find yourselves in.

You can drive into the area, but for an even more romantic approach, you should fly to Fiordland. You will get to see the region even better and follow the direction the ancient glaciers once traveled to form the gorges. Snuggle up together and be amazed by the overhead view then enjoy a picnic secluded from the rest of society.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is an area within the Fiordland that concentrates so much into one area. Enjoy kayaking side by side along the lake and become captivated by the serene scenery at your leisure. Surrounded in all directions by mountains capped with snow and blanketed with forest greenery, you will enjoy your surroundings together.

You can also take a cruise to explore the area from the water. You can drive along Milford Road and circle the sound by car. You can also hike along the mountain trails, holding hands and delighting in each other’s company with only natural sights to interrupt you. If you are up for a swim, you can deep-sea dive in the Sound as well.

The lodges in the area provide amenities that range from luxurious and elegant to a more rugged, camping-style stay. Whatever your preference, either one will give you that romantic feeling you two are looking for.

Waitomo Caves

If the two of you are truly adventurous, then the Waitomo Caves are just for you. Travel the ancient cave system together, seeing the wonders the inside of the Earth offers. Learn the age of the caves and discover how they were formed. Deep inside the rocky tunnels, you will find all manner of wildlife that has adapted to living in total darkness (lights have been added for human travel).

In parts of the cave system, you will encounter areas intentionally left in the dark. This is so you can get the full effect of the creatures living there. Bioluminescent glow worms illuminate their natural habitat. It can be an awe-inspiring experience to have thousands of small animals cast their glow along with the cave ceiling and walls, lighting your way through.

Sharing such an adventure together on foot can give you, as a couple, several hours of togetherness. Doing it by boat can be quicker and more exciting. You can ride the underground rapids by raft, zipping and bouncing about through parts of the cave system. You will still get to see the glow worms, but they will seem more like a photo taken in mid-motion.

West Coast

The West Coast of South Island has two incredible glaciers for the budding couple to enjoy. Dress warmly as you set out across the icy ground of Fox Glacier. Hike over the glacier as it makes its way slowly across the landscape to the sea, carving out features for generations thousands of years from now to enjoy. From the top of the glacier, you can see the fjord that melted ice pours into, adding a chill to the already gelid river water.

You can view the glacier from the water as well. From this level, you will see the immense size and thickness of the ice. It can really put life into perspective and give you and your special someone a new perspective towards each other.

The Franz Josef glacier is an experience that can bring you two closer together – literally. Here, you can actually squeeze into the ice and tour the naturally formed ice caves. The thrill of being inside the glacier can be exhilarating, enough to make you forget exactly how cold it is inside the glacier. To warm up, take a trip to the Franz Josef Hot Pools and warm up in the geothermally heated springs. Pay for a private pool and things could heat up even more…

When you are done warming up, set out on a hike through the lush Westland rainforests. Through this temperate forest, at the bottom of the glacier, you will see a variety of local wildlife calling the area home. Between the ice of the glacier, the surrounding mountain peaks all around, the deep green rainforest, and the hot springs, you would think this area could hold no more. But then you add in the nearby coast and you will find that the two of you may want to spend some extra time in the region. Do so. Enjoy your couple’s getaway – and each other – for as long as possible.

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