How to Travel with a Big Family. How to Organize a Trip.

How to Travel with a Big Family. How to Organize a Trip.
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Traveling is always exciting and intriguing. New impressions will paint your life with bright colors and even in old age, you will still keep memories of the trip. It is always better to share the joy of traveling with family and friends. How to make the trip interesting and enjoyable for all members of the family? How to rally your family on a trip without strife and complete disappointment?

The success of any event depends on the organization and modeling. Take care of all urgent matters in advance. If you need to look after the house or you do not take your pets with you, find a trusted person who will take these responsibilities on himself. Check the academic assignments, because the deadline can be close to your trip. Enthralled packing and anticipation of the upcoming rest distract so find out who can write my paper cheap, and immerse yourself in preparation.

Consider Interests

Every member of the family can have ideas on where to go on vacation. Regardless of the time of year, a nature trip is always a universal option. While older members of your family will enjoy the beauty of nature, children can find a lot of active and fun outdoor games. The needs of young children require special attention. First of all, the issue of safety and health. Make sure that you can ensure comfort and control.

Comfort concerns issues such as:

  • the convenience of accommodation (if you are in a hotel room, it is better to make a sleeper for young children in the same room as their parents, since an unfamiliar situation can scare them and you will have to get up at night more than once)
  • food (if you are not cooking yourself, find out if food is suitable for your child)

Tip: Find out where the nearest hospital is, in case of emergency you will know where to turn to. 

Children are young researchers. Your task is to ensure the safety of their communication with the outside world. Consider the following nuances:

  • dangerous plants and animals
  • landscape (steep rocks, sharp stones, deep basins, etc.)
  • the human factor (lost in the crowd, run out onto the roadway).

The rules are for everyone, so try to explain their importance to each participant of your trip.

Tip: Wear bright and similar headdresses for children and then you can always find them easily.


The more people, the more suitcases. Traveling with children will add a general load of luggage. Please note that there are standards for carrying luggage. For the overweight, you will have to pay extra. To avoid unpleasant moments, calculate the weight of the baggage before and until the moment of loading.

Of course, there are a lot of things to bring. But it is worth considering which of them really needs to be taken. It is optimal to choose the universal interchangeable things that will be comfortable. This applies to footwear. Take note that new shoes can cause inconvenience. If you are going to visit a theater or another holiday event, do not forget to put on a few fancy outfits.

Tip: Put things in packages and label them with the names of all the participants of the trip. Even if you put everything in one suitcase, you can always find the right thing the easier way. 


Regardless of the type of transportation, two conditions must be met: basic needs and entertainment. Eating, drinking, and going to the toilet are the necessary things for everyone, so take with you everything you need. Read carefully the information on the restrictions on the transport regarding liquids. They may apply to the liquid baby food and any other types of liquids that you may need while traveling (in an airport).

The road is tiring especially for children. Entertainment will help to while away their time. Think of games in which all members of your family can take part. Every child has a hobby, so put the necessary things in their backpacks. These can be pencils, notebooks, books, or a magazine with stickers. take into consideration new items to bring since everything new is the most interesting.

Tip: Take with you the medicine for motion sickness. It is useful both in the plane and in other transport.

If you are going to visit different places, think about exactly how you are going to implement it. When traveling with young children or in countries with poorly developed transport infrastructure, it is worthwhile to rent a car. It will give not only the joy of freedom of movement and much comfort but also save considerable time and nerves. If you are going to use local transport, pre-plan all the logistics, so you can avoid road misfortunes while on vacation.

A Few Words More

When traveling with a large family, a good and economical alternative to hotels can be renting private houses, apartments, or country houses. In addition to the financial benefits at your disposal, you will receive spatial freedom, independence from the hotel’s daily routine, as well as a lot of “usefulness”: from a full kitchen with a washing machine to a large plasma panel for watching cartoons. Do not forget about the mandatory store and transport accessibility of the housing.

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