Hulugan Falls Laguna DIY Travel Guide (Also Talay and Aliw Falls)


Once upon a time, Barangay San Salvador of Luisiana in Laguna, was an idle community. One day, a traveller/blogger visited their place, took photos of the Hulugan Waterfalls, uploaded them online, and poof! The once indolent place of San Salvador became a bustling tourist destination.

The end.

The end of their simple, contented, happy-go-lucky kind of living. Hahaha! Kidding!

There’s something really special with Hulugan Falls. Its massive, overpowering stature will let you experience fear, amazement, excitement, bliss, satisfaction – all at the same time. No wonder, it immediately made a mark in the tourism radar, days after its photos circulated the online world.



You read that right. There are other waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna that you can visit (as side trips) when you go to Hulugan Falls. See the other two waterfalls below:


Laguna is just three hours away from Metro Manila, very accessible. The availability of public transportation to and from the province and its various municipalities makes all these waterfalls very ideal places for a quick getaway.


  1. From Edsa specifically Buendia or Cubao bus station, ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  2. Get off at Sta. Cruz town proper
  3. Ride a jeepney bound for Lucena or Lucban or simply ride a jeep with the signage Luisiana.
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. San Salvador.


  1. Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit in Calamba.
  2. Stay on the national road (highway), passing through several towns including Los Banos, Sta. Cruz, Bay, and Pagsanjan.
  3. Turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Road (before Cavinti Town Proper).
  4. On Cavinti-Luisiana Road, look for the Hulugan Falls signage stuck to a pole on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD.

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After steps 1-4 (both for public and private transportation) continue with the following:

  1. Enter the street where you see the signage. Inside, you will find an information desk. Stop there.
  2. You will be greeted by the locals and someone will assign a tour guide for your group. So yeah, do not message us asking for the number of guides. The local tourism board will be the one to provide you.
  3. The tour guide/s will then take you (/r group) to the Barangay Captain’s house (jump-off point) where you will register and pay the Tourism Fee.
  4. From the Barangay Captain’s house, you will be riding a tricycle to the start of the trail. The tricycle ride is less than 5 minutes. If you have your own service, you will be advised to leave it there. No parking fee.


Bus Fare (Manila – Sta Cruz) P140-P150  
Jeepney Fare (Sta Cruz – San Salvador) P30  
Tricycle Fare (Captain’s House – Trail) P10  
Registration Fee P20  New rate as of Nov 2019 is P30 per person
Guide Fee (P500 for 5 persons) P100 No Standard Rate
Bath P20  

If you’re a group of 5, safe budget is Php600.

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SAMPLE ITINERARY (for Hulugan, Talay & Aliw Waterfalls)

0600 – Assembly Buendia/Cubao Station
0800 – Sta Cruz, Laguna (town proper)
0900 – San Salvador (registration site)
1000 –  Hulugan Falls
1100 –  ETD to Talay Falls
12NN –  Talay Falls (Lunch)
1300 –  Talay Falls
1400 –  Aliw Falls
1500 –  ETD to Captain’s House
1700 –  Wash Up
1800 –  Head home

Note: If you plan to just visit Hulugan Falls, then you can adjust your time accordingly. You will have more spare time so you can opt to leave Manila at 7AM; just make sure you’re at the jump-off point before 3PM as local officials no longer tourists to the see the falls past that time.


  • Waterproof your bag and camera. This is a must.
  • Pack light. Do not bring unnecessary things that would weigh you down.
  • The trail towards Hulugan Falls is steep and very slippery when wet. Wear proper footwear – trekking sandals/shoes are better.
  • Bring trail food, packed lunch, and water. You will never know when you need one. There are no cafeterias and stores in the area.
  • Bring insect repellent lotion. Mosquitoes are abundant.
  • If you are like us who veer away from the crowd, it’s best to visit on a weekday.
  • Check out their special bibingka. Believe me when I say, IT-IS-SO-YUMMY TREAT!
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For arranged group trip to Hulugan Waterfalls or other places in Laguna, you may contact Sole Adventours. You can message them here –


The last bus bound for Manila leaves Sta. Cruz at 9PM. That means, be at the terminal before 9PM if you plan to rest in the comfort of your own room!

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Barely 3 years after Hulugan Falls’ name spread like a wildfire, the local roads became wider, local folks are now busier, tricycle drivers are merrier, and the barangay is happier! Mother Nature has never been this proud in bringing great income to the local community. We just hope and pray and hope (and pray again) that the amazing beauty of Hulugan Waterfalls will remain intact, and that the people in the area will continue to protect her as she makes money for them. You know, mutualism. So yeah, STOP CUTTING THOSE GODAMN TREES!

Brgy. San Salvador must stay away from whatever-you-think-is-fair rate for guide and better create a tariff rate. What they have now, tourists deciding how much to pay, is kinda tricky and somewhat promoting injustice to local people, guides in particular. Go, make standard fees for everyone to adapt.

Thank you for dropping by!


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