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This is not a story about economical furnishings that we got from IKEA.
This is about IKEA Swedish meatballs, carrot cake, and whatnot – IKEA foodcourt blog.

You see, we went to this blue and yellow furniture fortress without any plans of purchasing any furniture. Unlike a lot of people who visit the place buying too many things they do not need, we went to this place for the sole purpose of tasting their Swedish meatballs, which popularity is known worldwide.

So how was it?


Mushroom Soup ₱45 – you will never go wrong with a bowl of mushroom soup anywhere you go. Otherwise, it won’t be considered one of the comfort foods, eh? So yeah, get a bowl or two for a starter.

Chocolate cake ₱99 – this piece of heaven is so delicious, and I cannot figure out why. It’s covered with dark chocolate ganache on top and the inner layers are exquisitely soft that they melt in your mouth. There’s no overwhelming taste of sweetness, unlike many chocolate cakes which are dense. It tasted more intensely like chocolate but lighter.

Fried Chicken ₱119 – you may have no intention to order chicken since this is a very common dish on every menu but believe me when I say you must. IKEA’s fried chicken wings version is super tasty and goes perfectly well with whatever carbo staple you’ll get.

Green salad ₱55 – if you are feeling healthy and simply want a light lunch or dinner, then go for their green salad which is served with thousand islands dressing; but, do not expect much. 

Carrot cake ₱99 – This cake was sweet, but not overpoweringly so, and made the whole cake taste like something I wouldn’t be surprised to find at a nice bakery. The actual cake part was moist and at the right level of spice and the nuts added a nice crunch to the creaminess of the cake and icing.

Swedish meatballs ₱275 – This is one of the most popular items on the furniture giant menu. More popular than you think. According to records, two million meatballs are eaten in IKEA’s 340 stores worldwide every day. If that’s not enough reason to try this dish out, we do not know what else. So whether you feel like ordering these meatballs soaked in mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and allemansrätten (a gravy-like cream sauce) or not, you ought to end up ordering it. Lol.

Did you know that there’s a “right” way to eat these meatballs? It says online that you are supposed to cut each piece in half, dip it in mashed potatoes, then in lingonberry sauce before finally putting it in your mouth. 

Baked Salmon ₱345 – This was the least I like of our orders. The baked salmon came with a lemon dill sauce, boiled veggies, and two pieces of fried potato cake (which the husband liked) but the salmon itself tasted malansá.

Rice ₱19/serving –  the per-serving price was really affordable. It’s as cheap as the regular cafeterias around Metro Manila but the IKEA rice quality suffered – dry and buhaghag (loose). 

French fries ₱45 – dry

Bottomless Cold drinks ₱49 – there are several options to choose from fruity flavored drinks, sweet, sour, and zesty. 

Bottomless Hot drinks ₱35 – coffee and tea

Takeaway box ₱15

The total amount we spent was 1,219 and we can say that it’s worth it.


IKEA is first, a furniture giant, before becoming a food haven. The food place is cafeteria-style which is very crowded and noisy. Expect long lines so if you want to eat on time, lunch, for example, be there at 10 AM. 


After-shopping treats. Finally able to taste the infamous ikeameatballs. Indeed, it is worth it. Stay away from the #bakedsalmon though. Malansa. #foody #foodtrip #foodtiktok #loveeatwander #foodlover

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There are plenty of food options that are very reasonably priced. Dropping by IKEA food court should be the first order of business when you visit the place, because, no one should shop on an empty stomach. So before you traverse vast plains of pillows, blankets, carpets, boards, glassware, kitchen wares, and puzzle your way through labyrinths of mood lightning, grab a bite.

Mind you, IKEA’s offerings are not just random food. They pride themselves on quintessential Swedish food, with prices paralleled with their cost-effective, quality furniture. So yeah, head to IKEA’s next best thing — its cafeteria-style restaurant in the middle of the store.


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