Keeping Myself Happy & Entertained this Pandemic

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With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are stuck at home and only have our gadgets to keep us busy. With almost all of what was done back during normal times has moved online.

So, I was browsing the net and I am looking for something to do (waste time if you prefer to call it that way) when I came across this website The site features a wide variety of games that you can choose from. I was surprised that all the games are free and can be played thru desktop or mobile.

I went ahead and tried some of the games on different categories and I was mesmerized by the colorful graphics, cute character design, and its ease of play. I have listed down some of the games I tried.

Tetris aka Brick Game

Who does not love this game? I bet none since this game evokes memories of our childhood. This is one of those games that loved by millions. It started a craze back when it was first released and continues to be a favorite pastime for many.

The gameplay is simple, you arrange the blocks to form a straight line which will then be erased. The goal if to ensure that the bricks will not reach the top of the screen.

This is how you do it
not this

I do not want to brag, but this game is one of my expertise. I was playing this since I was a kid and believe me, I can get high scores. What I like in this version of the game is that there is a guide on where you can place your bricks. This makes it fun and interactive. The added nostalgia of playing this game makes it a very pleasant way to pass time.

Tank Defense

(This is me not passing Stage One)

This is a remake of a classic castle defense game Battle Tank. This is something I used to play together with my friends when we are younger. In this game, you will control the tanks and fight off the enemy tanks while protecting your base. I admit, this is not my forte and I have been playing this for some time and still have not make it pass Stage 1. Poor me 🙁

The good thing about this game is that you can play it together with a partner if you are using your desktop. The game play and controls are simple.

What I like about is that it has games that is suitable for kids. Some of the games on the site is fun and educational. Heck, even I cannot resist to try the games they offer for children.

Color & Shape Art Game for Children

This is a very straightforward game. You do not have to strategize or plan but rather let your creative juices flow. It is as simple as creating a picture with shapes that you can add colors and emojis.

I had fun playing this one. Yes, this is meant for kids, but it also allows me to unleash the child inside you. Players can even save their artwork as a jpeg file. I see myself playing this together with my daughter more often.

(5 stages of Kubler-Ross if you are happy, just kidding)

Dot to Dot

This is something that I also enjoy. All you must do is connect the dots to draw the animal that you chose and voila! The animal you selected is complete. One thing that captures my attention is how cute the characters are. It is a plus for me.

(Bringing out the inner child in me)
(Tada! Look on how cute it is)
(Isn’t he adorable?)

Fight Virus

Who said that fighting Covid -19 needs to be boring? I came across this game (very timely) and I got hooked. It may be that I like the thrill of chasing the virus or the message that it is trying to convey. In this game, you are tasked to clean up/ disinfect any virus you see in the hospital to ensure that it does not spread. Sounds simple right? Wrong, as the game progresses, you will need to scroll up and down your browser to look for those critters and at the same time, ensure that the patients will not get reinfected, and the hospital does not get overwhelmed. Think of it like you are juggling multiple patients at the same time cleaning up the mess these virus cause at the same time managing the hospital keeping the infections below 15 percent. You will need lots of focus on this game. If you panicked, the game is lost. 

(Coast is still clear)
(remember, wash your hands and stay safe)
(This is what happens if you do not listen to the health officials)

After playing so many games, I have this page bookmarked on my desktop. I would probably spend more time checking on the other games that has to offer. I am looking forward to spending more time playing games on this website. 

Thank you for dropping by!

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