Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa DIY Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a nice dip and extreme activities at the same time, you can never go wrong with the newest attraction in town – Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa!

Laresio can be found in Los Banos town, in the province of Laguna. It is situated on the northern foothills of Mt. Makiling, a dormant volcano which is the source of hot springs and thermal waters in the area. Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa, because of its close proximity to Metro Manila, is a popular destination among city dwellers who want to dip in the many hot baths in the area. 

There are various points of interest in Los Banos – from natural and serene surroundings to excitingly punishing activities. The town also takes pride in its delicious buko pie!


When we arrived in Laresio, I was disappointed. The place was so crowded. Vehicles were parked everywhere. No fancy sights can be seen upon entrance from the gate.

We paid Php20/person environmental fee at the guard house then we were directed to the lobby to check in since we are staying overnight. At the lobby, we paid another Php750 for an activity package (all-wet package). You cannot just book a room and go to Laresio. It is mandatory that you get one of their activity packages. Also, you must make up your mind of which activity to choose before checking in because there’s no option to downgrade or upgrade. I do not like the fact that guests have to pay parking fee (it’s actually part of the package) but there’s no space to park because vehicles upon vehicles have already mushroomed inside. We had no choice but to park outside.

While at the check-in counter, one of the staff asked us to present the receipt of our reservation. We told her that our friend Lulai (who’s not yet there at the moment) was the one who made the reservation online and did the payment via back transfer. We showed to them the screenshot of our reservation but they wanted us to wait for Lulai. We insisted that they let us go to our room as we have two toddlers in tow. I guess it was the manager who intervened and just requested for the screencap of the deposit slip. After showing it, she told someone to usher us to our room. I seriously think, they have to do something about this issue. If the name of the guest is on their “reservation list”, isn’t it just right to allow them to check-in and settle whatever needs to be settled when they are comfortably in their room? Especially if there are kids involve. Besides, their reservation policy requires initial payment.

I felt relieved when we headed towards the lakeside, where all the squeals are coming from. When I saw the location of our room, happiness and satisfaction overcame my disappointment. Our room was sitting idly right in front of the captivating Alligator Lake that has been transformed into a fun-filled and immensely exciting activity area – the center of all the adventures.


 Via Public Transportation

  1. From Buendia, ride a bus bound for Sta Cruz, Laguna.
  2. Alight in Bagong Kalsada.
  3. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Laresio. (Php9 per person)

Via Private Transportation


Manila – Laguna P110 – P150 / person  
Tricycle to Laresio P9 / person  
Environmental Fee P20 / person  
Activity Package P450 – P1500 The P450 doesn’t include any activity. It’s basically just an entrance fee with swimming pool access if you’re doing a day tour.
Locker Rental P100  
Accommodation P1500 – P5000 (for sharing) You can take this off the list if you’re not spending overnight.

You may visit Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa website for detailed and more updated resort rates.


Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa has a long list of activities to boot.  You can choose from chill ones to death-defying fun actions. It’s all up to you. See some of the activities below:

  • Camping
  • Kayaking
  • Aquabike
  • Vine Swing
  • Rafting
  • Wall Climbing
  • Slide (Slip ‘n Fly and Slip ‘n Dip)
  • Blob
  • Zipline
  • Cliff jumping (13 & 32 feet)
  • Outdoor Cinema (free)
  • Morning Zumba (free)

And the resort is planning to add more!

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  • You will visit Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa because of the fun activities that the resort offers. Their rooms are nothing spectacular. If you are not the “active kind”, this is not a very good option. If you love adventures, you can visit and enjoy the place and have the most of it even on a day tour. Personally, I will not recommend an overnight stay as you can try all activities here in a single day. Day tour is definitely a more affordable option with the same favorable outcome.
  • If you’re doing a day tour, be at the place early (around 7AM) to maximize your stay. The water activities are can be availed only until 6PM.  
  • Bring your own baon! One thing that I love about Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa is — they do not charge corkage fee! Bring as many chicha and drinks as you can. If you have no baon but on a tight budget, just go out of the resort and eat in carenderias outside. A tricycle going out will only cost you Php9, and you can get a full meal amounting to only Php50 outside.


  • If you will do the Blob, please give Kuya Jumper a tip. Any amount will do. He is just a volunteer and not getting any payment from jumping. The only earnings he gets are from the sale of the fish he catches from the lake. When I spoke with him, he had no catch for 3 days already. Imagine having to jump not lesser than 100 times and get nothing in return? He said he is not expecting anything from the guests since they do not know he is just a volunteer. So please, if you do the blob, give Kuya a tip.
  • Strategically built at the lakeside, Laresio did not fail in capturing the attention of the nature-lover and adventure-seeker in me. So despite the unlikely welcome, we did had a great time. 

Keep in mind — more than hot springs and buko pies, Los Banos has Laresio!


September 27, 2017 – “Cop dies as zipline snaps in Laguna resort.” – See the news link here

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