Masbate DIY Travel Guide

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No. This Masbate travel guide is not about the entire Masbate province.

This article claims to be a reliable travel guide for your Masbate trip. However, do not confuse this as a travel guide for the entire province. Ticao and Burias islands will not be tackled here.  This is only about Masbate, the island Masbate, and not the entire province of Masbate.

We know you’re confused now, hence the overview of Masbate province:

MASBATE is an island province near the middle of the Philippine archipelago. Politically, the province is part of the Bicol Region. However, when you get to the place, from the sociolinguistic perspective, this province has a stronger affiliation with Visayas. Masbate has three major ilands: Masbate, Ticao and Burias.

So there, we hope it is clear now, Masbate Island is not the entire Masbate province. We have separate entries for Ticao Island and  Burias Island.

How to Get to Masbate

By Plane

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific offer daily direct flights to Masbate. It only takes an hour to reach Masbate City by plane.

By Land

Legazpi City in Albay province can be the jump-off point for Luzon residents coming in by bus or van.

  1. From Legazpi, take a van bound for Pilar (Sorsogon province) and get off at Pilar Port.
  2. Buy tickets for either the fast-craft ferry (schedules: 8AM, 12NN, and 3PM) or the roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) ships (schedule depends on the availability of cargo). Ferry fare rates is around Php350-Php400 per person per way; while Ro-Ro is around Php200-Php250 per person per way. Your sea journey will end in Masbate City Port where you can hop into tricycle next to get to the city.

There are other smaller motorized boats that offer transportation from Pilar Port to Masbate City Port. But we do not recommend this as the sea can sometimes be unforgiving.


Like an octopus’ tentacles gripping tightly on its prey, Masbate town, as viewed from the plane, gravitates you to the island it rules. We haven’t been in the island of Burias but it is safe to say that Masbate, where the capital city is located, is the most developed of the province’ three islands. It is here where they stage the prominent yearly festival of the province – Rodeo Masbateño. This festival happens every April.

There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Masbate. If you plan to get to its best places in one day, we provided below some of the places, things, and activities you can squeeze-in in your one-day itinerary:

Bituon Beach Resort
(Entrance fee is Php50 per person)

It is easy to find this place as this is Masbate’s most popular beach resort. It is one of the very first resorts in the province that offer food and various types of accommodation. It is situated half an hour drive from Masbate City via Central Nautical Highway. Visitors can stay overnight, rent a cottage for a day use, or just simply walk in (Php50 per person) and stay for several hours. Trysicle ride from the city to the resort costs Php200.

Coco View Lagoon
(Entrance Fee is Php20 per person)

Coco View Lagoon in Mobo, Masbate is a perfect destination for family picnics and barkada outings. It features a series of fresh water pools from three small waterfalls formed by a river. The place has beautiful landscaping, and lush mature trees that provide plenty of shade. Picnic huts can be rented for Php200 – Php400, depending on size. Overnight accommodation can also be arranged. They have air-conditioned rooms – rates start at Php1, 000. If you just want to stay for several hours, just pay Php20 per person entrance fee.

Mayong Payong
(Entrance fee is Php30 per person)

This place is located in Municipality of Mobo, just 20 minutes away from the city proper. It was once an idle hill that has been flattened to the top so it can be used as a camping ground for the Regional Boy Scout Summit in 2015. The place now has a towering concrete view deck, some picnic tables, and endearing cottages made of native materials.

Skye Waterfalls in Brgy. Jologon
(Free of charge)

This unassuming beauty is idly sitting several minutes away from Mayong Payong. Brgy. Jologon, the jump-off site, can be accessed via a 10-minute habal-habal ride from Mayong Payong. Fare is around Php20 to Php30. A twenty-minute easy trek from the jump-off point will bring you to the waterfalls. If it’s your first time, we advise that you request a local to guide you. Just give around Php20 tip for the effort, or whatever you deem fair.

Buntod Sandbar
(Environmental Fee is Php20 per person)

Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary was our happy place during our Masbate trip. It is an islet less than 30 minutes away from the airport. Despite its close proximity to the city, the place serves as idyllic respite for beach lovers like us. This 250-hectare marine sanctuary is a must-see!

Mangrovetum Boulevard
(Free of charge)

Just 5 minutes away from Masbate City proper, along Nursery Street, you can find this wide sweep of well-kept mangrove bay filling up the skyline. It is a very relaxing place that will definitely soothe your soul. You can stroll through walkways between the mangrove trees or just simply sit in one of the benches and while away time. Visit this place early morning or in the late afternoon. If you have more time to spare and you prefer a bigger park, 30 minutes’ drive from the city, southeast toward Biyong Road, is the Pawa Mangrove Nature Park.

Masbate Travel Guide SamplItinerary

6:00AM – From your hotel/city go to Mangrovetum Boulevard

7:00AM – From Mangrovetum, you can walk to Rendezvous Hotel where you can find boats the bring visitors to Buntod Sandbar. It takes less than an hour (walk and boat ride) to reach your second destination. You can stay in Buntod for 2-3 hours.

10:30AM – Tell your boatman take you to Mobo Port, instead of going back to Rendezvous Hotel. This is possible if you will rent the boat. They charge Php500 (good for 4 people) for the whole trip.

11:00AM – From Mobo Port, you can ride a trysicle/habal-habal to Bituon Beach Resort and take your lunch there. You can stay for a refreshing dip or go to Coco View Lagoon after lunch.

03:00PM – Head to Skye Waterfalls in Brgy. Jologon.

05:00PM – Go to Mayong Payong. You can spend a night here, or you can look for Masbate hotel/s here

You can rent a habal-habal from Mobo Port to Bituon Beach Resort, Coco View Lagoon, Skye Waterfalls, and Mayong Payong. You can call/text our Marc at +639486163811. He was our driver/guide during our Masbate Island trip.

See our Masbate video below:

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