Mayong Payong Travel Guide – Mobo, Masbate

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Mayong Payong

Mayong Payong

Mayong Payong is a newly opened tourist destination near Masbate City. It is a very nice side trip that ought to be added in your itinerary. You can also opt to stay overnight here and breath-in the amazing views of the province from the hilltop as you adore the glory of sunset and sunrise.

This place is located in the Municipality of Mobo, just 20 minutes away from the city proper. It was once an idle hill that has been flattened to the top so it can be used as a camping ground for the regional Boy Scout Summit in 2015. The place now has a towering concrete view deck, some picnic tables, and endearing cottages made of native materials.

You can find these cottages perched above the hill that overlooks the vastness of the sea, the impressive Buntod Sandbar, and the busy city below. These simple huts provide rustic feeling and each can be rented for as low as Php200 per night!

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How to Get to Mayong Payong from Masbate City (Including Rates and Expenses)

  1. From the airport (or anywhere in the city), ride a tricycle and go to the terminal. (Fare is Php8 per person)
  2. From the terminal, ride a multicab going to the municipality of Mobo. Tell the driver to drop you off at Mayong Payong jump-off point. (Fare is Php20 per person)
  3. From the jump-off point, you will see the habal-habal terminal. Just tell them that you are heading to Mayong Payong. The rate is Php40 per person, but they charge Php50 per person to non-locals. I don’t know why.

*Entrance fee is Php30 per person

Note: When we went there, we rented a habal-habal for convenience. We gave him, Php200 for picking us up in Mayong Payong, taking us in Skye Waterfalls in Holjogon, and bringing us to the airport. You can call/text our driver Marc at +639486163811.

What You Need To Know About Mayong Payong

  • It gets rather chilly at night. Bring thick blankets and sweater if you plan overnight.
  • No restaurant in the area. Although there is a sari-sari store that sells basic commodities, you cannot find “decent” food there. If you are good to go with canned goods and packed food, then you will be fine. It is best to bring your provisions.
  • No free-flowing water was available. Bring your own hydration. If you plan to stay overnight, be there early so you can ask someone to fetch water for you. A container costs Php30.
  • Although you can go there anytime, visitors are not guaranteed accommodations. You may want to bring your own tent and pitch it there.
  • The place depends only on solar electricity.

Travel Tips to Mayong Payong, Masbate

  • It is best to visit the place in the late afternoon to avoid the unforgiving ultraviolet rays of the mighty sun.
  • If you want delectable food, you can request Ate Vangie, the caretaker, to cook Native Tinolang Manok for you.

Our Plate of Unsolicited Advice

According to locals, Mayong Payong is owned by Mayor Castillo and she (together with the local government of Mobo) plans to remove all the native cottages (see left photo) and change them with concrete houses (sample photo to the right). I seriously hope they rethink that plan. The hill, being the view deck of the city, is beautiful as it is but the reason why it is amazing and one-of-a-kind destination is because of those native cottages that provide rustic appeal to the place. If they want to attract more tourists, the LGU must keep those huts and just focus on improving the facilities like integrating water system, fixing some of the dilapidated huts, and maybe planting some trees. Adding trash bins is some corners would also help A LOT in maintaining the cleanliness of the ground.

Mayong Payong

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