Mt Tagapo DIY Climb Guide – Binangonan, Rizal

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Lies at the heart of Laguna Bay is this beautiful elevation with amazing views of the sea lake, neighboring mountains, coastal towns, skylines of nearby cities, and verdant patches. Accessible through a pump boat from the towns of Rizal is this mountain in Talim Island (a community within the lake) known to many as Mt Tagapo, and to some as Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Mt. Tagapo offers easy trails. In fact, it takes less than 2 hours to reach its peak.  Compared to other neighboring mountains, Mt. Tagapo is not a popular hiking site (but highly recommended), because of logistics.  There are no tourist joints in the area, let alone an inn or homestay. But perhaps that is why we recommend this place— there’s no traffic on trails and the greenery isn’t eroded by thousands of weekly hikers, plus, it’s budget-friendly!

Mt Tagapo

View from Mt Tagapo summit

How to Get to Mt. Tagapo JumpOff 

  1. From EDSA Crossing, board a jeepney or a van bound for Binangonan Port. Travel time is roughly 1 hour.
  2. From Binangonan Port, ride a pumpboat to Brgy. Janosa, the jump-off point. That’s another 1-hour trip; sometimes it can take longer because some ferries tend to stop in several barangays.

*Note: First ferry trip leaves at 6AM. There is a ferry leaving every hour after the first trip. The last trip is at 9PM but we suggest you double-check the last return trip from Janosa to Binongonan with the boatmen as they sometimes change schedule depending on the passengers’ population on the said date.

Mt Tagapo Sample Itinerary

6:00AM – ETD Shaw Boulevard / EDSA Crossing to Binangonan Rizal
7:00AM – ETA Binangonan Port / Buy provisions
8:00AM – Take a pump boat bound for Brgy. Janosa in Talim Island
9:00AM – Arrive in Brgy. Janosa / Register / Secure Guide/ Prepare for Trek
10:00AM – Start Trek (you can take lunch along the way)
1:00PM – Summit.
3:00PM – Start descend
4:30PM – Jump off / Wash up
6:00PM – Board a passenger boat back to Binangonan Port
8:00PM – ETA Binangonan Port / Board a jeepney back to Manila 


EDSA crossing to Binangonan Port Php40 per way
Binangonan Port to Brgy Janosa Php30 per way
Climb Registration Fee Php20 per person
Guide Fee Php400 per group (5 persons) Will be provided by the barangay upon registration

 Climb Tips for Mt Tagapo

  • Public transportation to the jump-off point can be a hassle. If you have your own service and have money to spare, you can opt to drive until Binagonan Port and rent a boat (Php1,500 – Php2,000)
  • The summit is so small, and not a good base for camping as it has an open pit. It is believed that some people dug the place to find the rumored Yamashita treasure. If you plan to stay overnight, there is a campsite at Brgy. Janosa, before the start of the trek.
  • Trails toward the summit of Mt. Tagapo are covered with cogon grass – no shades, open area. It can be very hot during summer so prepare your hiking gear accordingly.
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Mt Tagapo

mandatory summit shot

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