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NorthPark Noodles Review
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There are a lot of Chinese restaurants mushrooming around the metro but if you will have to trim down your list to just 10, NorthPark Noodles must be a part of it.

NorthPark Noodles serves a good variety of great-tasting Chinoy comfort food in big portions and great prices! No wonder it is one of the highly sought-after Chinese fast food outlets in Metro Manila.


NorthPark Noodles has a long list of food selections to boot. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at their menu. Serving sizes are fine and the pricing is considered affordable. Unsolicited advice: If it’s your first time to eat in this restaurant, order their Yang Chow Rice and Lechon Macau. If you’re one of their “veterans” trying other items in their list won’t hurt.

When we visited NorthPark Noodles in ATC on a weekday for a merienda, we ordered the following:

  • Shredded Pork, Century Egg & Szechuan Vegetables Congee – PhP162.80 (Regular)
  • Honey Garlic Pork Spareribs 228.80
  • Chicken Feet – PhP102.30
  • 3 Kinds of Mushroom Noodles –  PhP158.40 (Regular)
  • Fresh lemonade – PhP96.80

The congee was well-seasoned. It’s neither salty nor strongly flavored. The spring onions also added color and texture to the dish. Skye loved it! The light size is enough for one person, but if you like to share it with others, get the regular serving size.

The Honey Garlic Pork Spareribs was fine, nothing extraordinary. The outside skin was crispy and the meat inside was juicy but wasn’t tasty. It lacked the flavor we expected.

The Chicken Feet Dimsum is a default order whenever we dine in at any Chinese restaurants. It tasted just like a normal chicken feet dimsum.

I really liked the tender, tasty mushrooms in their 3 Kinds of Mushroom Noodles. It seemed like they were initially cooked in sweet-savory oyster sauce prior to plunging into the soup. Also, the noodles were cooked perfectly to my liking – not too soft, just enough kind firmness.

We can easily let go of the Fresh Lemonade Drink next time we dine in here. We usually do not order drinks but Skye insisted that we get her favourite lemon juice so we did. The one they served was too sour and a little bitter. It did not taste fresh at all.

Check their menu here for the list of food options available. 

They provided free house tea by the way.


NorthPark Noodles has branches found in almost all of the major cities of Metro Manila so finding one should not pose as a problem. We dined at the NorthPark Noodles located at the ground floor of Alabang Town Center. 

North Park Noodles
G/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. Muntinlupa
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines

The place is quite small to properly accommodate their hungry customers. The tables were so close to each other and the seats were so crammed together making it very difficult to move freely without bumping with people on nearby tables.


Customer service was average. All of their staff looked very busy moving to and fro but serving time took longer than expected.


The place is generally hemmed in with hungry customers. If you are early, get a seat away from the main isles to avoid passersby that can be really annoying at times.

If you do not want to fit yourself in their already-cramped place, you can simply order and have your favorite dishes delivered to your home, better call their delivery hotline 73737, or you can go to their website – NorthPark Noodles Delivery.

Disclaimer: We are not professional food critics. Ghaad, we cannot even cook a decent meal. We just love eating and criticizing  (lol) recording our experiences. That given, please do not take our word against us, as our reviews are solely of our personal opinion, purpose and consumption. We may be swayed, subjected, or somehow influenced by background, sex, religion, nationality, affiliation, and experiences.

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