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By Tsika Garcia-Baylan

My family of three were craving for good ramen one rainy day. Unfortunately, we were on a low budget so we couldn’t afford Ramen Nagi or Mendokoro Ramenba. Good thing my husband read about Ramen Kuroda, an affordable but good-quality ramen house, so we gave it a try. We have been frequenting the place since then.

RAMEN KURODA FOOD & PRICES                  

They have 2 variations for each of their ramen – the one they simply call “ramen” has a slice of roast pork and another one they call Chashumen has additional roast pork. So the difference relies merely on the number of roast pork in your ramen bowl. And by the way, all of their ramen options come with a half slice of a boiled egg which was cooked to perfection, sesame seeds, and spring onions for extra taste. Also, the nice thing about this ramen restaurant is that, aside from ramen, they also have different Japanese food like Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Tempura, Kani Salad, Katsu don, Curry rice, etc.

Here are some of our orders:


Shiro Ramen P180 (Tonkotsu of basic taste)

Shiro Chashumen P230 ( additional roast pork) – I ordered Shiro Chasumen during the first time we dined here. I liked that their tonkotsu (meaning Japanese broth made from pork marrow) is not too salty although it’s oily. This is what we always order for our 5-year-old daughter whenever we dine here.

Kuro Ramen ₱180 (Tonkotsu with roast garlic flavour)

Kuro Chashumen ₱230 (additional roast pork) – If you are like my husband who likes salty and garlicky flavoured ramen, then this is the best ramen for you. If you like some extra kick, there’s a bottle of chili oil ready to serve you from your table. Other condiments such as sesame seeds, white pepper, and sesame oil are also available.

Aka Ramen ₱180 (Tonkotsu with spicy taste)

Aka Chashumen ₱230 (with additional roast pork) – I usually order Aka Ramen because it has the right amount of spiciness for me. The broth is not too creamy, so it doesn’t have the “umay” taste. Their noodle is thin but has a good firm bite, which I like.

Gyoza ₱100

Honestly, I am not that into Gyoza but I would go back for Ramen Kuroda’s.


There are almost 20 branches of Ramen Kuroda in the Philippines. So far, we only dined at 2 of their branches.

Ramen Kuroda Eton Centris
Ground Floor C2 – 10 Eton Centris Cor. Quezon Ave., Pimyahan 4 Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Last Order: 21:30)
Open on Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays.
Contact Number: (02) 936-9369

Ramen Kuroda SM North
Anex 129 SM North Edsa Sto. Cristo 1, Quezon City
Open Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Last Order: 21:30)
Open on Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays


I like that I can already order while waiting because you’ll have to wait for less than 30 minutes to be seated on your table during weekends’ rush hour. The staff were all courteous and efficient. You won’t doubt giving them an extra tip.


Disclaimer: We are not professional food critics. Ghaad, we cannot even cook a decent meal. We just love eating and criticizing  (lol) recording our experiences. That given, please do not take our word against us, as our reviews are solely of our personal opinion, purpose and consumption. We may be swayed, subjected, or somehow influenced by background, sex, religion, nationality, affiliation, and experiences.

Thank you for dropping by!

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