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While many are dreaming of a beach wedding, there were us who fantasized about tying the knot on top of a mountain. Since I and Jim Bryan met under the canopies of gigantic trees in one of the mountains in Laguna, we think marrying on a summit would also be a very good idea – an idea that stayed as an idea.

Since we both grew up in a culture of close family ties, it is inevitable that along the way, during our wedlock planning and preparations, there are things/people that we have to consider. We had to cogitate the fact that our family and friends, whom we want to be with us in our grand union, must be able to reach our wedding venue without issues. With this dilemma in our hands, we decided to go with the second best – tying the knot someplace more accessible to our visitors but still within high elevation to keep the “mountain feel”. We ended up having a Tagaytay  Wedding.

I want to share with you all the happiness, love, and experiences we went through from preparation to actual wedding but I think that’s really not important (and you won’t and don’t care anyway). So, this article was written to provide you not with ladidas of our whatabouts but more so with important details and things that you must be aware of if you plan to have a Tagaytay Wedding.

Read ahead. I will be brief. Promise.


Time – if you are based within Metro Manila or father from Tagaytay, you have to set aside ample time for your ocular visit. Location hunting (both for the church and the reception) will eat a lot of your precious while. If you are working full-time, ready yourself as most of your off days/weekends will be spent roaming around your wedding location. Maybe 50 times of Tagaytay visit will do. 

Vehicle – Unless you want to look like a pile of rubbish by the end of the day every after ocular and location visit, then you can take this off the list. Having your own wheels will not only hasten the process but will also keep you focus and sane. Preparing for the wedding is tiring enough, you deserve a lift. You may check rates of fares/rentals of vehicles from Manila to Tagaytay below:

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Enough Finances – We have the most affordable suppliers (or so we claim) but our initial budget which was 300k was tripled, so yeah, be prepared. This Tagaytay Wedding is not emotionally and physically draining but pocket and wallet-straining as well.


There are a lot of churches and receptions to choose from for your big day, provided below is a shortlist based from those we visited. You’re welcome.

(If you want to add something, please, please do so. Thank you!)


Tagaytay Wedding - Chapel on the Hill

Chapel on the Hill

CHAPEL ON THE HILL – This is where we got married. It’s just a small chapel with a circular floor plan accentuated by a labyrinth pattern and can accommodate 100-150 guests. This chapel has a 360-degree view of the serene and green environment through the glass, floor-to-ceiling windows. The primary reason why we chose this place was its the name. Well, if we cannot have our wedding on the mountain, why not on the hill? Besides, the overlooking majestic views of the towering Mt. Batulao put everything just right in place! That made sense, right?

Mary Help of Christians House of Spirituality
Don Bosco Batulao
c/o Tagaytay Post Office,
4120 Tagaytay City Philippines
Telefax No. (632) 743-5614 ** Mobile No’s. 0926-6163301 | 0906 – 8144474
Email: info@donboscobatulao.orgParish
Office Hours: Monday to Sunday (8:00AM to 4:00PM)

Php 12,000 – use of chapel
Php 5,000 – compulsory donation to the parish

Tagaytay Wedding - Caleruega

Caleruega or Transfiguration Chapel

CALERUEGA / TRANSFIGURATION CHAPEL – This is a beautiful chapel with a relaxing environment and beautiful landscapes. The only reason why we did not choose this place was because it’s kinda “overrated” for our liking. Most, if not all, of our friends have been or planning to get married here. We want some place different for our Tagaytay wedding.

Caleruega’s Transfiguration Chapel
Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone: (043) 706-0348 / 0921-830-4226 / 0921-270-9890

Php 15,000 – use of chapel

** This place also has air-conditioned reception venues that you might want to consider renting to get rid of the hassle of travelling after your wedding ceremony. See rates provided below:

  • Plaza de Aza & Tuktok (Roofdeck) – Php 40,000 – can accommodate 200 persons and can be outfitted with tents.
  • Veritas Hall – Php 30,000 – can accommodate 200 persons. Additional charge of Php 7,500 for the air-con use.
  • Gazekubo – Php 25,000 – can accommodate 60 persons. Additional charge of Php 7,500 for the air-con use.

Tagaytay Wedding - San Antonio de Padua

San Antonio de Padua

SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA – This church is actually our very first option for our Tagaytay wedding. It is spacious and has an impressive architectural design. There is also a very nice reception place beside it which is perfect for entertaining your wedding guests. The reason why we failed to book the place was because our wedding day fell on June 13, which is also the feast of their patron saint, San Antonio de Padua.

San Antonio de Padua
Pooc, Silang, Cavite
Phone: (+63 46) 414.1891
Parish Office Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (8:00AM to 5:00PM)

Php 2,500 if either of the bride or the groom is a parishioner; Php 5,500 if either of the bride or the groom is from Cavite; Php 10,000 for non-parishioners and non-residents of Cavite


Tagaytay Wedding - Beatriz Garden

Beatriz Garden

Venue Rate: Php 45, 000 (no time limit)

* You can use the venue for preparations even a day before your wedding and you can stay overnight without having to worry about extra (hour) charges.
* Has air-conditioned rooms (Php 3, 000 – Php 3, 500 per room) that can be used for preparations and are perfect for guests who want to stay and relax.
* You can bring your own catering service without having to pay corkage.
* The place is large enough to accommodate big crowd of around 500-700 people.

* Difficult-to-find location. Some of our guests weren’t able to find the place thus they decided to go home right after the church ceremony.
* The large place can pose as a problem when setting up lights and sounds. If your wedding reception is at night, make sure there will be enough lights and you have a good sound system in order to create buzz and make the place alive and animated.
* No enough parking space.

Tagaytay Wedding -Sonya's Garden

Sonya’s Garden

Venue Rate: Php 10, 000 (4 hours) plus Php 5, 000 per hour of extension

* They offer in-house catering so you no longer have to worry about food.
* Complimentary overnight stay for couples with a minimum of 100 guests.

* Additional charge for sound system (Php 7, 000 for small venue and Php 9,000 for large venue).
* Expensive corkage fee.
 * No enough parking space.
* The place looks so crowded – the primary reason why we scratched it off our list.

Tagaytay Wedding - Ville  Sommet

Ville Sommet

Venue Rate: Php 150, 000 (4 hours only; there’s a free 2 hours allotted for ingress)

* They offer in-house catering so you no longer have to worry about food.
* Big parking space.
* Beautiful, fab, and serene location.

* They only have 4 accredited caterers to choose from. You cannot bring your own.
* Expensive.

Tagaytay Wedding - Haceinda Isabela

One of the places for accomodation in Hacienda Isabela

Venue Rate: We failed to get the exact amount as we just walked-in and no one from the people there seems to know exactly what was happening and why were we there. Based on my readings online, renting this place costs around Php 150,000 (+ 12% VAT). For a reception venue this ugly, I don’t know why it is that expensive.

* The place is so big that it can accommodate up to a thousand guests.

* Too far from the highway. Difficult to find.
* The place looks old, weary; rotten even. Although they are doing some renovation when we visited the place, so maybe it looks better now.
* Not worth the price and travel.


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