The Benefits of Sleeping on an Air Mattress

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There are several benefits of sleeping on an air mattress other than its transportability. Most people believe them to be no more than a temporary bed for visitors or for unexpected overnight stays. However, that is not the case. Many people prefer air beds or an air mattress because of the excellent pressure-point support they can provide.

In some cases, an air mattress can be better for you than the mattress you are using now. It depends of course, on your choice of the air mattress, and on the condition of the conventional mattress you are currently using. If your foam begins to fail through being over-compressed or the innerspring aged and lose their springiness, there is not a lot you can do. Here some benefits of sleeping on an air mattress.

Benefits of Sleeping on an Air Mattress

1. Mattress Firmness Adjustment: For Singles or Couples

When you order a foam or innerspring mattress, you generally have to choose a firmness level. You are then stuck with that. If your mattress proves to be too firm, or too soft, then you can:

Return it and purchase another: This may not be as easy as you think, particularly if you have selected the mattress yourself. Some vendors offer a ‘trial period’ and will accept the mattress back within a stated period of time. That’s not always easy to do and the process can be a nuisance to you!

Purchase a mattress topper: You can buy a firm or soft topper to alter the feel of your mattress. This involves paying more and if your mattress is too soft for you, a firmer topper may not always resolve the problem.

Accept the Fact: You can decide just to keep it. It was your choice, and you have to live with it.

Buy another mattress: This is the most expensive option.

If you must have a foam or innerspring mattress, then you are stuck with the above options. You must always make sure that the mattress you buy is suitable for your needs. One issue is that different mattress manufacturers may rate their mattresses differently! What is medium soft to one may be medium or soft to another.

Not so with air beds – or air mattresses! You can make your mattress harder by inflating it more, or softer by releasing some air from it. It is also possible to increase the overall pressure of air to suit a couple – a normal bed is what you get, for one person or more than one.

In fact, some air mattresses designed for couples offer the potential to have each side at a different pressure. You can have a firm mattress on one side for 224Lb male and a softer side for his 126Lb partner – and adjust each to their personal preference. You cannot do this with normal foam mattresses.

2. Reduced Pressure on the Joints

If you have arthritis or suffer from back pain, then you will sleep better on a harder mattress with the firmness to support your pressure points (shoulders, hips, etc.). However, it should not be too hard because these pressure points make the mattress to yield when pressed down upon it. So, support, but not unyielding support! There is an option to use your air mattress with frames.

With an air mattress, you can adjust the level of hardness, and the amount of ‘give’ in the mattress. If you wake up during the night with pain in your hip, you can reduce the air pressure to make the mattress softer, but still offer support. A significant benefit of air mattresses is that you can change their softness/hardness/support levels without getting out of bed! Change the pressure of air in your mattress until it feels comfortable then back to sleep…zzzz

3. Keeping Cool at Night

An air mattress is an ideal solution if you tend to get too hot at night. A memory gel foam mattress can help you stay cool, but nothing is as good as an air mattress. There is nothing to heat you up! If you think the air in the mattress is too warm, just let some out and reinflate it to your desired level.

4. Odor – Chemical Smells

Another issue many people have with their mattress, particularly with a new mattress, is the chemical odor they may smell when the mattress is opened and first used. No such issue with an air mattress. Most foams outgas, and even innerspring mattresses can emit a chemical smell from the foam padding around the springs.

Not generally so with air mattresses. They usually contain no foam at all. You can get air mattresses with a foam top, but these are fundamentally hybrids and not true air beds. Many people prefer them to straight air beds, but they may lack the properties that make air mattresses so popular.

Many air mattresses come with at least one side ‘flocked’ to make sheets unnecessary, but this has little effect on odor. If you like a flocked surface, then get both sides flocked so you can flip the mattress when needed.

5. Sagging Issues

While most foam and innerspring mattress tend to sag or lose support after a few years use, air mattresses are immune to this. Simply add more air to level it up! Sagging generally happens over time due to continual use of a mattress. Air mattresses do not lose their support through time – simply increase the air pressure and you get all the support you need!

The Benefits of Sleeping on an Air Mattress: Summary

The above benefits of sleeping on an air mattress may not apply to all, but they certainly will apply to many people. Sure, most people prefer foam or innerspring mattress. However, an air mattress offers some unique benefits to those with orthopedic issued and those who find it difficult to sleep.

One reason people give for not trying an air mattress is that they feel they may sink into it or could roll about on it. However, an air mattress possesses one property that no other mattress has. It has adjustable compressibility, offering comfort for pressure points. The hardness of an air mattress can be adjusted to meet your personal preferences.

Description: The benefits of sleeping on an air mattress are not generally understood by most people. Many people would choose an air mattress if they understood their benefits. It helps those with arthritis and other orthopedic problems. Many that use them would never switch back to foam or springs.

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