The Perks of Getting Vaccinated in the Philippines

vaccination in the Philippines
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More and more Filipinos are getting text messages from the government promoting vaccination in the Philippines. Despite this, a lot are still hesitant to get vaccinated. To meet the goal of herd immunity, the government is tirelessly encouraging individuals to get vaccinated by offering numerous and creative deals for people to get their inoculations.

At this point, you’re probably tired of hearing, “The best Covid-19 vaccine is the first one available to you”. There are numerous reasons why you should get vaccinated with the available vaccine in your area. The most prevalent reason is that it will protect you from getting the severe variants of the disease.

The Philippine government is doing everything they can to negotiate with various vaccine manufacturers so they can provide us with the most effective vaccines possible. Despite all the government’s efforts, only 4% were vaccinated in the country, which is a far cry from the 70% of Filipinos the government plans to become fully vaccinated to complete the herd immunity

Herd immunity is important for the country’s economic growth.  Even though vaccination is not mandatory, people are highly encouraged by the government to get vaccinated. The longer the people get vaccinated, the longer establishments will open and the longer our economy will recover.

In Singapore, they are about to reach their target vaccinated individuals in August, while China will reach theirs in five months. Other countries like Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and South Korea, will reportedly be finished with their immunization in a little over five months. Australia, Hong Kong, and Thailand will finish theirs in less than ten months. India and Indonesia will have their people vaccinated in a little over ten months.

As for the Philippines, the government is hoping to fully vaccinate seven million people by the end of the month, which is 6.3% of the country’s population. Our government is foreseeing to finish our herd immunity by mid-2022.

Restaurant Promos and Discounts

Private food companies are giving a helping hand to our government by handing out promos to encourage people to get vaccinated. Restaurants and fast-food chains are offering discounts for vaccinated individuals. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Jollibee, Burger King, Chowking, Greenwich, and Mang Inasal offer a 10% discount for dine-in transactions after complete inoculations.

On the other hand, Max offers free Halo-halo Solo for a minimum purchase of 500 pesos for dine-in customers in all its branches nationwide.  Pancake House offers a buy one take one promo on two pieces of their Classic Pancakes or Golden Brown Waffle for all their branches.

Not only that! If you plan on buying on Potato Corner, you can get free flavored tea for every purchase of Mega, Giga, or Tera Fries. Famous Chinese Restaurant Din Tai Fung offers completely vaccinated customers a free moment card, which is valued at 500 pesos. With this card, fully vaccinated customers can enjoy a 10 percent discount for a minimum purchase of ₱1,000.

For vaccinated individuals who want to enjoy some fried chicken, they can head over to Frankie’s. The New York buffalo wings restaurant offers 10% off on their boneless items namely, Caribbean Jerk, Wicked Wasabi, Honey Mustard, and Salt & Pepper.

Jamba Juice offers free upsize from 16oz to 22oz for their Strawberries Wild, Banana Berry and Chocolate Moo’d once you’ve provided your vaccination card. For individuals who would rather have milk tea, they can get a buy one get one Black Pearl Milk Tea after they complete their vaccinations.

Vaccinated people can also get one free Original Glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme if they buy 12-ounce hot, iced, or chillers that they offer.  Cafés like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers a free drink upsize, while Hawker Chan, Tim Ho Wan offers free foodie ice tea with every meal purchase. Aside from the aforementioned establishments, 150 other restaurants offer great deals for people who are vaccinated.

Free commodities, even house and lot!

While companies are giving away discounts and freebies, provincial governments are giving away FREE sacks of rice, live stocks, and even a house and a lot to encourage individuals to get vaccinated. Muntinlupa residents who got vaccinated can take home 25 kilograms of rice on a raffle.

If you ever get vaccinated in San Luis, Pampanga, you’re eligible to win a free cow every month. The “Baka Para Sa Bakuna” (Cows For Vaccines) slogan is scattered all over the town to encourage people who are double thinking about getting vaccinated.

In Manila, especially in Las Piñas a house and lot is offered for residents who got vaccinated from June 15 to December 23 of this year. They can be dropped their raffle in their barangay halls, AllHome, and AllDay Supermarket in the city.

Great things do not stop here! The government continuously discusses what additional benefits they can provide for fully vaccinated individuals. They hope that they can vaccinate more Filipinos to stop the spread of the virus and reopen establishments.

How about you, have you been vaccinated?

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