This Toddler has Climbed the 5 Highest Mountains in the Philippines

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Mountain climbing is one of the most popular outdoor activities being enjoyed in the Philippines nowadays. It has becoming a hobby to a lot people from all walks of life, regardless of age. While mountaineering is undeniably not a very safe activity for kids, some parents are starting to bring their children on board to summits because of its numerous physical and mental benefits. One of the Pinoy toddlers whose name just recently made a noise in the mountaineering industry is the 2-year-old Anjolette Skye Dorado, best known as Babyboo.

Babyboo reminds me of Boo, the nauseatingly adorable toddler in the Pixar film Monster, Inc. who is curious, and naïve. If you watched that movie which was released in 2002, you will definitely have a clear picture of who I am referring to. I love that little girl’s uninhabited character which kind of transparent to the real-life Babyboo. If the Boo in the film plays with monsters, the real-life Babyboo conquers them! She climbs and conquers those huge lump of soil with towering heights!

BabyBoo is a bit of a badass young lass. She just recently finished climbing the 5 highest mountains in the Philippines – and she’s only 2 years old! If you cannot call that badass, I don’t know what else. She started climbing mountains at an early age of 6 months, noting the Osmena’s Peak (Cebu) as her first climb.

Now, three months shy of her 3rd birthday and she already managed to make a record as the youngest Filipino to climb Philippines’ Top 5 – Mt Apo, Mt Dulang-Dulang, Mt Pulag, Mt Kitanglad, and Mt. Kalatungan!

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These 5 mountains are yet to be ticked off from the bucket list of many Pinoy mountaineers; yet, here is this tiny weeny monster girl, who is not yet even potty-trained but successfully placed all these mighty summits under her belt! Amazeball! 

Travelling with toddlers is difficult, climbing with them is nothing any better. But since Babyboo’s parents, Anjo and Lisly, are not the traditional type who keep their kids within the corners of their house, travelling and climbing look easy peasy on their end. They never let all possible challenges hinder their climbing mountains with the little tot. They both mountaineers themselves who want to pass on their passion for the outdoors to their young daughter.

Lisly is a call center supervisor while Anjo is a mountain guide/climb organizer in Mindanao. For them, raising their kid in the outdoors is totally normal. However, for some readers of this blog who think that their practice is dreadful and appalling, here’s some words from Lisly herself:

I understand them. I understand their concern to my Babyboo. But I want to assure them that everything is okay as we are following precautionary measures to make sure we are all safe when we are outdoors. I will try to explain and give example when I see them in person.

Anjo and Lisly feel that the rewards of climbing mountains as a family outweighs the risks. They believe that outdoor quality family time and a well-rounded perspective in life are just some of the few advantages of living the “mountain lifestyle” together as a family.

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