Tumalog Falls Cebu DIY Travel Guide

Tumalog Falls
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I will not say Tumalog Falls is a beautiful, must-see site in Cebu Province because it isn’t. It wasn’t beautiful when we went there. It’s no water cascading into the pool below. It’s more like Imus, Cavite when there’s water shortage.

However, it is a good side trip if you are already in the area, like after you swim with the Oslob whale sharks.

Tumalog Waterfalls water just trickles down the cliff, and its pool below is murky and not good for swimming. It wasn’t summer when we went there but it wasn’t raining either – must be the reason why the place was underwhelming.

Maybe, should we visit at the right time, in a good condition, we were treated with a magnificent nature show?

Anyway, if you are planning to see this waterfalls in Oslob, Cebu, we provided below some important things that you ought to know.


Address: Barangay Luka, Oslob, Cebu

We really hope you are not coming all the way from Cebu City or the airport to get to this waterfalls. That’s too much of an effort. Tumalog Falls must only serve as your side trip after a satisfying Kawasan Falls canyoneering in Badian, or after swimming with the Oslob whale sharks.

We found a time to visit Tumalog Falls because we were in Oslob for whale shark watching. Might as well maximize our visit, eh?

Tumalog Falls from Whaleshark Watching Site
  1. If you are doing the Oslob swimming with the whale shark activity, you can take a short 10-minute drive from the whale shark watching site to Tumalog Falls Cebu.
  2. Simply hire a tricycle or a motorcycle to bring you to Tumalog Falls. The roundtrip rate is ₱300.
Tumalog Falls from Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu
  1. If you are coming from the famous Kawasan Falls, take a bus from Badian going to Bato Ceres Bus Terminal in Santander.
  2. From there, take another bus going to Oslob.
  3. In Oslob, take a habal-habal/motorcycle ride going to Tumalog Falls. The roundtrip rate is ₱300.


Entrance fee: ₱20 per person
Motorcycle ride from the jump-off point: ₱50 per person (way and back) – this is OPTIONAL. You can walk if you like.
Parking fee: FREE


  • From the drop-off point, you will need to walk down a steep paved road to reach the waterfalls.
  • Please note that there are riders assigned to provide transportation for Tumalog Falls. If your driver is not ‘registered’ as one of the drivers for Tumalog Falls, you will have to leave your service at the drop-off and walk OR ride another motorcycle going down the falls.
  • We do not recommend walking/trekking down the paved road to the waterfalls because it is not easy. Take this tip seriously.
  • The motorbike drivers offering a lift to and fro the waterfalls charge ₱50 per person. Take advantage of that. Just treat the motorcycle fee as a form of help and donation for the locals.
  • There are small lodges and public restrooms available in the area.
  • Visit in the morning, at around 8AM. The visitors start to flock by 10AM.
  • Pack light. Waterproofed your bags if need be.
  • No stores are available in the area, but it is not necessary to bring your entire luggage. Just bring necessities. Do not forget hydration.
  • Bring sun protection.
  • Bring cash. No ATMs available on the site.

Is it worth it to visit Tumalog Falls?

Yes if you are already around the area. It is good as a side trip. Nah if you are coming all the way from Cebu City just to see it.

Actually, if you are one of those who are after for something to post on social media, we can say that the steep cliffs rising overhead the catch bin can provide some picturesque IG posts. The FREE fish foot spa in a pool full of Garra rufa fish is also a nice treat for your weary feet.


Help us keep this travel guide updated. If there are changes in rates and other information indicated in this post, please find a time to leave a comment below for the reference of other travellers.

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