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Uma Uma Ramen was really not our top choice to dine when we were at S. Maison a couple of Saturdays ago for the Manila International Book Fair but our cravings for ramen brought us there. The place was packed with happy diners at lunch time so we thought maybe it’s offering delectable food options. Despite the busyness of the place, we managed to grab a couch seat at the corner and immediately placed our orders.


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Uma Uma Ramen (Php360) – the bowl of creamy pork bone tonkotsu broth and thin straight noodles was milky and deliciously flavorful, packed with generous toppings. And oh, it’s affordable and the serving was plentiful too! The broth was made with chasiu, spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso (options for the level of spiciness is available), and egg. The chasiu was really tasty and the noodles were straight and firm. I can go on and on about this particular bowl of ramen. Masarap talaga sya!

One Bite Gyoza (Php140 for 10 pieces) – as the name suggests, the pieces of gyoza served on a plate were teeny-weeny. Good plating actually, as the serving looked copious. No need to bite half each time because you can guzzle down each piece in less than 3 minutes! There’s chili powder and gyoza sauce available on the side for additional flavor.

Chasiu Don (Php190) – this bowl of rice topped with braised chasiu was of excellent quality. It offered good flavor of honey-sweet and salty combination. The BBQed meat with burnt smokey fragrance was so tender that it can literally melt in your mouth without chewing.


We tried other ramen options and I shall say that it is safe to just stay with the Uma ramen original. The other flavours are too strong for my liking. – Missy  



The staff, during our visit, were so stiff and serious. Maybe because there were lots of people dining in. Nevertheless, our dining experience went smoothly and everything was served in order.


Uma Uma store offers nothing elaborate. The external and interior designs were simple and minimalist. The place was also cramped; it was a bit challenge to maneuver without bumping onto another person when we visited.

Level 2, S Maison Marina Way (Mall below Conrad Manila)
Operating Hours: 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Overall, Uma Uma Fukuoka Ramen is a must-visit for ramen lovers. A very nice side trip when attending events in SMX or MOA Arena.

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Disclaimer: We are not professional food critics. Ghaad, we cannot even cook a decent meal. We just love eating and criticizing  (lol) recording our experiences. That given, please do not take our word against us, as our reviews are solely of our personal opinion, purpose and consumption. We may be swayed, subjected, or somehow influenced by background, sex, religion, nationality, affiliation, and experiences.

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