Vermosa Off-Road Tracks – Bike Trails and Motocross

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There is a bike park located south of Manila that offers a complete off-road track experience. It is a great place to level up your cycling or motocross game and have some fun outdoors.

It’s called the Vermosa Off-Road Tracks in Vermosa in Daanghari!

The place is an expansive sandbox for bikers, which is accessible for only ₱20! Yeah, that cheap! The ₱20 fee is used for the rehabilitation of the place.

Vermosa Off-Road Tracks has bike trails for bicycles and dirt tracks for motorcycles. There is a platform with some tables and chairs for resting and racks for bike mounting. The place is worth visiting because of the jump sections, berms, and pump tracks, which will definitely pump up every bike enthusiast’s adrenal gland.

How We Learned about Vermosa Off-Road Tracks

We often see the place packed with off-road riders from different areas who turn the ground into some sort of a dirt festival when they race. From the road, we see fully-equipped seasoned riders doing a somersault in the air or other premium tight-maneuvering skills that are jaw-dropping. We have been hoping to watch them up-close, but we thought we have to be a club member to gain access.

Boy, we were wrong all this time.

One weekday, we got nothing to do, and we’re dead bored at home, so we decided to go out. We were cruising Daanghari when we saw Vermosa off-road tracks’ gate open, we decided to enter. I told the husband, we’ll just pretend we’re lost should they ask us what we’re doing there. Lol. Upon entering the property, I went to the sari-sari store right away and asked where we are. Then the saleslady told us about the place, and we learned that it’s actually open to the public — we only have to pay ₱20!

We paid and stayed for hours! In fact, our daughter Skye learned how to ride her bike there!

Vermosa off-road tracks was opened last May 21, 2016. Still, we have not entered the perimeter until January of 2021 because we thought we needed to be a member to gain access to the place. Should we have learned about it earlier, I am pretty sure we have spent considerable amounts of our weekends there. Bummer.

How to get to Vermosa Off-Road Tracks

  1. From Alabang, take Daang Hari road bound for Cavite.
  2. Head straight upon reaching Molino intersection.
  3. Keep through until you reach Vermosa Off-Road Tracks. It’s a very unassuming spot, and it can be difficult to notice it. No signage either. Just look for a fenced, vast barren land situated on the right side of the road.
  4. When you reach the gate, head straight to the sari-sari store, sign up, and pay the fee.

Vermosa Off-Road Tracks is definitely one of the best places and readily accessible go-to mountain biking/motocross spots in the country. A family-friendly, must-visit place in Cavite. We will definitely go back and maybe try to roll over one of the platforms and perform a nosedive; I meant, make a ramp.

The place is family-friendly, by the way. You can bring your kids and ride around.

Places to Stay in Cavite

If you are coming from a faraway place and might need a roof above your head when you visit Cavite, you can check The Bayleaf Cavite in General Trias.

You might also fancy visiting the neighboring Tagaytay for a refreshing getaway. There are affordable Tagaytay resorts and inns there where you can stay for a night or two.

Do not forget to bring hydration and sun protection.

Thank you for dropping by!

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