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Yoki’s Farm was founded way back in 1996 but was only opened to the public in 2005. It became popular during the pandemic as a go-to place for families who’ve been tired of lurking in their houses due to lockdowns.

Yoki’s Farm is a 10-hectare property (only a 4-hectare portion is developed) located in Mendez, Cavite. Situated just several kilometers away from Metro Manila, around a 2 to 3-hour drive, it definitely serves as one of the best options when looking for a place to relax, learn, and enjoy.  The place provides a farm experience for family and friends like no other.


There are lots of things to see in Yoki’s Farm so make sure you have at least 3 hours to spare when you visit the place to maximize your fees and time.


The most prominent attraction at Yoki’s is the close encounter with the animals such as zebras, ostrich, a lone monkey, rare birds in the aviary, tortoises, miniature horses, sheep (which, by the way, I hope they shear), different breeds of rabbits, peacocks, bearcats, reptiles, and a lot more! Visitors are allowed to touch or feed them.


This was my personal favorite. The owner has a huge collection of rare items, antiques, and displays that were made accessible to the public. 

At the entrance, a ginormous laughing Buddha and several smaller Buddhas (yeah, there are tons of Buddhas) were peppered around the place. There are lots of items in the display — statutes of old Chinese emperors, gods and goddesses, replicas of the terracotta warriors, old typewriters and some pieces of machinery, swords and guns, jade dragon boats, Chinese vases, ivory collections, Egyptian guards, and more! As my eyes feasted on the collections, my mind wandered back in time. Such an experience!

Unsolicited advice: I hope the farm owner can put labels on each display, along with essential notes for more information. Understandably, the guides do not know much about each item in the collection.

Hydroponics Farm

The hydroponics farm inside Yoki’s is one of the largest hydroponics farms in Calabarzon, that supplies vegetables in the region. The tour of the greenhouses will make you wish you have one at home. It’s fun to see actual farming processes.

Rooms and a Swimming Pool

If you want to linger longer in the area, there are rooms with smart a TV and Netflix connection that are available for overnight stay. Room rates start at ₱3,000.

There’s nothing so fancy about the swimming pool – small and plain – but I think it’s a good enough bonus.

☞ Book/check affordable hotels and resorts in Tagaytay.


All-Day Breakfast Dining Restaurant

There’s nothing so fancy about the swimming pool – being small and plain – but I think it’s good enough additional entertainment should you plan the stay overnight. 

We were not able to try the dishes at Yoki’s All-Day Breakfast Restaurant since it was already closed when we arrived. However, according to our guide, the restaurant utilizes the farm-to-plate method which means that the ingredients are directly sourced from the farm to ensure quality and freshness. So I think we have another reason to visit this place again.

Playground and other areas 

The playground was small, but who’ll need a bigger one if you have cute, furry, fun animals to play with, eh?


Other areas you can explore are the landscaped garden where you can relax and take Instagramable photos, lagoons with freshwater stingrays and colorful fishes, a pavilion surrounded by greenery, and a souvenir shop!


Farm Tour₱300* Farm Animal Tour
* Farm Garden Tour 
* Hydroponic Vegetable Plantation Tour 
* Antique Museum Tour
Hydroponic Harvest₱500* Hydroponic Vegetable Plantation Tour 
* Hands-on farming experience 
* Exclusive Vegetable harvesting
Animal Encounter₱800* Farm Animal Tour
* Up-close encounter with farm animals 
* Exclusive feeding farm animals 
* Walk-in Aviary, African Grasslands, Bearcat & Tortoise
Full Package₱1,000* Hydroponic Vegetable Plantation Tour 
* Exclusive Vegetable harvesting 
* Hands-on farming experience 
* Farm Animal Tour 
* Up-close encounter with farm animals 
* Exclusive feeding farm animals

There’s an additional ₱100 per group for the guide fee.
Senior Citizens & PWD gets a 20% off.
Children aged 4-7 years old enjoy a 30% discount.


Address: 3 Tabluan Road, Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite 

If you have a car, just Waze it and you’ll be there in no time. That smart app will lead you directly to the farm’s entrance.

If you are coming from Tagaytay and have no service, ride a jeepney bound for Mendez and get off at the 7-11 town proper. From there, you can ride a tricycle to Yoki’s Farm.

If you are coming elsewhere, I don’t know the commute process. Lol. If you do, please leave a comment below so we can add it to this article for the benefit of our future readers. May God bless you!


Each group of tourists has a guide. The rate per guide is ₱100. Use this opportunity to learn. Ask questions. Give a tip if you have extra.

Visit on weekdays. People flocks in during holidays and weekends.

Yoki’s Farm is a nice side trip if you are visiting Tagaytay since it’s just several minutes away from the town proper.

Bring sunblock! The place is open and expansive. If you are visiting in broad daylight, it’s best to have skin protection with you. If we may suggest, use MAGWAI, a locally produced reef-safe (let’s give emphasis to that) sunscreen that was born out of our love and respect for the beauty of the coral reefs in the Philippines. Yeah, I know you are not going to the sea but it’s wise to have a product that you can use anywhere, isn’t it? They have shampoo bars, too!


Yoki’s Farm is a must-visit place!

Aside from interesting attractions, you’ll go home with a meaningful and inspiring experience. The close interaction with the animals will definitely bring joy to kids and adults. Also, communing with nature is indeed rejuvenating so you’ll go home refreshed and relaxed.

We personally like the eco-tourism approach that aims to educate everyone on the importance of protecting animals and their habitats. Learning the new and more productive way of planting crops at the hydroponics farm is a bonus.

We can say that the price is very reasonable. The staff were very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. If you are looking for a wholesome farm family experience, or if you want to like to learn more about hydroponics farming then this place must be added to your to-visit list.


Thank you for dropping by!

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