Looking Back at LoveEatWander in 2017

LoveEatWander in 2017
LoveEatWander in 2017
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Before this year ends, allow us to relive some moments.

2017 has been an amazingly dynamic year for LoveEatWander. Tons of readings, experimentations, unforgettable learnings, and outsized allocation of courage resulted in better stories to tell. Here are some of the highlights of the year worth looking back at.

Redesigned and Rebuilt our Site

This year, we rebuilt www.loveeatwander.com from the ground up. We redesigned it and did a major overhaul of the settings interface by changing our domain provider. It was May of 2017 when we finally decided to drop GoDaddy as our domain provider and took advantage of what SiteGround can offer. That big leap resulted to losing lots of our articles and statistical data from our old site, but it gave birth to a better #LoveEatWander site for less than USD50 per year (way cheaper than what we pay for GoDaddy which is PhP500 per month or USD120 a year!). Basically, it sets the groundwork for more exciting developments. Blogging has never been easier and fun until the switch. If you are looking for a domain provider, we highly recommend the SiteGround team. Know more about them here.

Our 2017 Wander Stories

We have been to various places this year but two of our trips stood out:

In June of 2017, our family travelled to the province of Masbate, a trip that rekindled my old dream of having a beachfront property. So in the early weeks of January 2018, we are going back to the province and see if the stars will align to make my dream a reality.

Before the year ends, I and Skye explored three Visayas provinces – Siquijor, Negros Occidental, and Negros Oriental. In that trip, I realized that it is actually easier to travel with our toddler than with my life partner. Our little girl sleeps when she’s tired but my dear guy becomes grouchy when tired – that’s one big difference, yeah? I think we will be doing a lot of mother-daughter trips next year! Hahaha!

Engineering Happiness Online

Our commitment to provide helpful articles and travel guides continued in 2017. A few stats we’d like to share:

  • An influx of traffic averaging from 20,000 to 25,000 monthly visits.
  • Large increase in our social media followers: Instagram (1,702) and Facebook (5,534)
  • Growth of revenue. With that span of 6 months of learning and experimentation, we are able to attain no less than USD500 in site advertisements and sponsorships! Not bad for a passive income, agree? We cannot wait for the next year. Let’s work together. Know more about us and contact us here!

Our Community Services

I completed the Breastfeeding Peer Counselors Training in March 2017, aiming to gain more knowledge so I can provide better information and services to mothers like me. If you have questions and concerns about breastfeeding, drop your comment below or message us. I would love to help you in any way I can – FREE OF CHARGE. My passion to promote breastfeeding empowers me. 

I also served as one of the resource speakers in De La Salle University Dasmarinas Bloggers Expo III: The Wanderlust Edition (March 2017). You see, our burning passion to travel and explore brought the desire to share whatever we know about this industry. Should we be of help to your community, do not hesitate to contact us.

This year, we also attended various Homeschooling seminars and activities to further gain deeper understanding and experiences that we will gladly share to everyone through this site. Invite us. Connect with us. Let us all learn together and promote holistic education that can be attained beyond the corners of the classrooms.

Let’s Go More Personal

On a more personal level, 2017 taught us some life skills we will forever cherish and be proud of. Also, during this year, we were able to feed some of our longings, tangible or otherwise.

  • JimBry almost completed his Fables graphic novel collection. One more to go and he’s hitting the Cloud 9!
  • I was introduced to Stock Market and realized how fun and easy it is to save money through this. (I will make a separate entry about my/our stock market journey)
  • JimBry started learning carpentry. I am praying that he learn this skill quick before our house collapses.
  • I also learned how to make better websites, e-commerce even! See my other works here – soleadventours.com and www.houseenhance.com. I want to learn more so if you plan on creating your own website, let me know. I will not charge much, I just want to use your resources.
  • And oh, I also started learning how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro. Thanks to my cousin, Jayson for giving me the software copy.
  • As for our little girl, Skye: this year, before she turned 3, she already knew how to prepare her own food (cereals and milk), put her shoes on, and read sight words!

We are incredibly grateful to you, our readers and community members, who have directly and indirectly contributed to the success of our site. A round of applause for each and every one! Let’s leave 2017 with a happy heart. xoxo!

See you all next year! 


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