Manuel Uy Beach Resort Travel Guide – Calatagan, Batangas

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For budget travelers who are easy to please; those who find beauty in simplicity, those who can last a day or two in a beach with no fancy accommodation – here’s a perfect getaway place for you!

This impressive but inexpensive destination, just 3 hours south of Metro Manila, is known as Manuel Uy Beach Resort. It lies on a golden sand in one of the laid-back towns of Calatagan, Batangas.

Manuel Uy Resort

Sunset at Manuel Uy Beach Resort


  1. From Pasay City, near MRT EDSA Taft station, take a bus bound for Calatagan, Batangas (Crow Bus or Celyrosa Bus). First trip to Calatagan is at 4:00AM and last trip is at 4:30PM. You can opt to take a commuter van if you fancy. They’re parked at the basement of Metropoint Mall in Taft Pasay. There are also buses going to Calatagan from Manuela Metropolis Alabang (Metropolis Mall) if you’re coming from the South. Rate is Php150 – Php180.
  2. Travel time from Manila is about 3 hours via Aguinaldo Highway – Tagaytay – Nasugbu.
  3. Alight at the bus terminal in Calatagan town proper. Charter a tricycle and tell the driver you are heading to Manuel Uy Beach Resort. Rate is Php200 good for 3 persons; if you’re alone, you have to pay the full amount. Be ready for a bumpy ride.

The last trip back to Manila is at 4:00PM so make sure to leave the resort earlier. Ask the tricycle driver to pick you up from the resort since there are no public vehicles available in the area.


  1. If you are going to Calatagan via a private car, just take SLEX and exit at Sta Rosa.
  2. Drive towards Tagaytay.
  3. Follow the directions to Nasugbu, Batangas and go straight all the way to the junction of Palico.
  4. From Palico junction, you will pass by Lian before entering the town of Calatagan.
  5. Ask around when you reach Calatagan town proper. Locals are very helpful. They will show you the way. Manuel Uy Beach Resort is after Stilts, you will see the signage to the right-hand side of the driveway.




Manila – Calatagan van/bus rate

Php150 – P180 / way

Environmental Fee Php30
Day Tour Rate / Overnight Rate Php50  / Php100
Parking Fee Php100 Applies to overnight and day tour

Tent Pitching


Applies to overnight and day tour


Tent Rental Php500 Good for 3 persons
Island Hopping Php150 per person
Electricity Php100
Extension Cord Php100
CR Fee Php5/ Php10 / Php15 Pee / Poop / Shower
Paluto Fee
Mat Rental Php100


As of May 24, 2018 – Day tour rate has been increased to Php150 per person from Php50 per person last year and the tent pitching rate is now Php180 from Php50.  A reader messaged us informing that the place was extremely crowded during their visit (March 17, 2018); visitors were almost shoulder to shoulder with each other, and it was very difficult to enjoy the place. “The expensive rates in Manuel Uy are not worth the hassle. And the place, just so-so,” she said.

Looking for alternative places to enjoy your summer trip/s is highly recommended. 


  • Bring your own food, the only available source of commodities in the area are sari-sari stores selling expensive goods.
  • Bring your own tent. If you have a car, we suggest you bring ice cooler, mat, pillows, blanket, etc. to achieve comfort without having to spend more.
  • Water. Bring enough water. Gallons of water, for cooking and drinking. No fresh water in the area. Even the one you will use for shower is salty.
  • Bring a cookset. Paluto fee is outrageous. Imagine, a kilo of rice costs Php70! (Mas mahal pa sa bigas!)
  • If you have to take a shower, stay away from the very first house/store. They charge Php20 for a dilapidated shower area. Yeah area, not a room. Just a piece of land (around 2×2 meters) with “trapal” as walls and no roof and flooring! No light, too.
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Dear Mr. Manuel Uy,

Your resort is really nice. You can actually rival with Stilts Beach Resort. You just have to fix it. Adding some cottages and garbage bins would help, A LOT! Planting more trees would make a great difference, too. But first, you have to start taking care of what your resort has and offers – it’s amazing, natural beauty.

  • Do not allow guests to do bonfire as it will affect the quality of the sand. Also, bonfires do not only deplete our ozone layer but also leave ugly stains in the beautiful gold sand of your resort.
  • Sanction those who pick starfishes off the ocean floor. They just torture and kill the poor creature. I tell you, you do not have unlimited supply for that.
  • Reprimand those settlers in your property, they are ripping off your guests.

Whoever you are, Mr. Uy, I know you want the best future for your grandchildren. You can start with your lovely resort. A beautiful world with fresh air and clean water is something that money cannot buy. Your grandchildren will thank you for extending their lives by giving them a better place to live in.

Best regards,


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