Ramen Yushoken Review – Alabang, Muntinlupa

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One of the best things to do on rainy days is to devour a bowl of ramen.

We are now on a mission to find the best, fulfilling bowl of ramen in the South. Why in the South? Because to the South we reside!

We actually thought we’ve already found a goldmine when we discovered Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen but a blog reader challenged our claim. He said, we must also check out Ramen Yushoken and see for ourselves which one serves the finest bowl.

Challenge accepted!

In fairness to this suggested ramen joint, the place is fully packed with customers all the time. We initially visited the place on a Wednesday night and we failed to be seated. That’s a freakin’ Wednesday-Ordinary Night! And so we came back on a Saturday. Lo and behold, we got our seats after 30-waiting minutes!

So okay, here’s our plate of thoughts about Ramen Yushoken.


Tonkotsu Ramen Shio – It offers creamy, thick, and flavorful broth. The noodles aren’t extraordinary but the soup makes up for it. It was delicious but I failed to finish the entire serving. I do not know if it’s because I was just not in the mood when we ate or if I was tired since we just came from a Homeschooling seminar or if my palate is missing the ramen I usually order in Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. – Missy

Tsukemen Tonkotsu – I very much enjoyed my food! It was my first time to try a ramen of cold noodles that you have to dip in a separate hot soup, so I savored every passing time of it. The noodles tasted bland and the soup was a little on the salty side – perfect combination. – JimBry

We hope just like Ikkoryu, we could also choose how the noodles were prepared based on our tender preference.  – JimBry & Missy

Gyoza – So soft and savory but nothing extraordinary. – JimBry & Missy

I was sleeping while they were having their Yoshuken dining experience so I have nothing to contribute. – Skye


Ramen Yushoken serves great ramen but, compared to other ramen joints, their bowls are a bit smaller hence it comes out more expensive than other places.

Tonkotsu Ramen Shio – Php350

Tsukemen Tonkotsu – Php410

Gyoza – Php180


The place is cramped and tight. It has around 7-9 tables (good for 4 people each table) and around 6 individuals can be accommodated at the bar area. We will not suggest this place for big families.

We dined in Ramen Yushoken in Molito Commercial Complex (Alabang, Muntinlupa).


Quite slow but that’s understandable given the high number of customers. Staff look tired and always in a hurry but that’s fine.

They do not have spoon and fork. I hope they consider providing these basic utensils for people with special needs, and children too. You cannot expect all kids to be able to effectively hold chopsticks eh?


Comparing our orders between Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen and Ramen Yushoken, we personally like the former better. Also, because Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen offers rice meals, a good alternative especially for kids. BUT we are definitely going back to Ramen Yushoken as we have yet to taste their Super Chasu which is said to be their “golden bowl”. We did not order that because 1.) We are not aware of its existence (because it is said to be part of their “secret menu”) 2.) It wasn’t offered to us when I asked for their best-seller ramen.

 Disclaimer: We are not professional food critics. Ghaad, we cannot even cook a decent meal. We just love eating and criticizing  (lol) recording our experiences. That given, please do not take our word against us, as our reviews are solely of our personal opinion, purpose and consumption. We may be swayed, subjected, or somehow influenced by background, sex, religion, nationality, affiliation, and experiences.


Joining you in achieving a nerve-racking culinary orgasm,



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