Essential Things To Do Before Having A Baby

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Whether you are getting ready to welcome baby number one or baby number four into the fold, having a baby always requires a lot of mental and physical preparation. It is a time of unbridled joy that can be both exhilarating and exhausting. To help you navigate through those tiresome first few weeks of newborn feeding schedules and round-the-clock care, here are some essential things you can do before your baby is born to help prepare yourself for the arrival of your newest addition.

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Prepare the essentials 

Whatever your parenting style, there are a few essentials you need to prepare for the arrival of your newborn. Here is a list of some items that will make your life easier; 

  • Clothes. Having some baby clothes is a must. It is a must but you do not need a LOT! Some sleepsuits, hats, and blankets would be enough. Whether they are new or re-used from older kids or from friends doe snot matter. Having them cleaned and readily on-hand will be a great help in those early days.
  • Diapers, wipes, cotton wool. There a lot of options available. Many moms opt to go with the easy wear and throw kinds of diapers and wipes. However, if you want to save, using reusable diapers and wipes would be great. It’s earth-friendly, too!
  • Nursery. While your baby may sleep with you in your room for the first few months, they will eventually move into their own bedroom. The last thing you want to be doing is assembling new furniture with a baby around. Prepare the nursery in advance, even if it won’t be used for the first few weeks. You can find some of the essential nursery furniture at Cuckooland to help create the perfect space for your little one.

Make arrangements for the siblings and pets 

Be sure to have a plan in place when you welcome your newborn into the world. Have you got someone on hand who could help out with childcare or school runs for your older kids? The same applies to any pets you may have that will need to be cared for in your absence. 

When it comes to your older kids, it goes beyond considering the childcare arrangements. It is also a good idea to spend some time explaining, as best you can, what life will look like when the new baby arrives, and how it might affect them. Welcoming a new sibling into a pre-existing family dynamic can be quite a transition for a child so the better prepared they are to understand the change in advance, the easier it may be for them. 

Take some time out

When your newborn arrives it will be full steam ahead for the foreseeable. As parents, you will be on the clock 24 hours a day and while it is often viewed as the best job in the world, it can be physically and mentally demanding. Treat yourself to some downtime both alone and with your partner. Spend some quality time with your partner before the demands of parenting take over and be sure to give yourself a bit of TLC too as you will no doubt push yourself to the back of the priority list in those early newborn days.


Enjoy parenting!

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