Babywearing When Traveling – Why You Must Try It

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Traveling with a family does not only result in a more intimate parents-children bond but it is also one best way to create the perfect work-life balance. We all have to escape the mundane once in a while.

When traveling involves only me and JimBry, there was no need for a lot of thinking and preparations. We just have to book flights, hotels, and presto! Sometimes we do not even bother booking any accommodation and just strike anywhere! We can pack our bags several hours before our flight, and a 7-kilogram backpack was enough for a week-long trip.

When we had Skye, things have changed – A LOT. We consider not only the budget, the things that we should pack (sometimes we think if we should instead bring our whole house because there are a lot of stuff to bring), the places that we should travel to, and the comfort of each member of the family for the whole trip – all of those during the planning stage.

Good thing we were able to learn a life hack so perfect for parents who are always on the go – BABYWEARING WHEN TRAVELLING!

Babywearing MUST be a part of your game plan when you are traveling with babies. Below are some of the reasons why you have to give it a try. Someday you will thank me for talking you into it. You’re welcome.

Babywearing when traveling minimizes luggage and free your hands!

Skye was 6 months when we flew to Palawan for a 3-day vacation. We brought our Maya ring sling so there was no need for us to bring a bulky, inconvenient, and heavy stroller. Since traveling involves a lot of walking, it is very important that we get rid of encumbrances. Babywearing when traveling allowed us to get from one point to another swiftly and easily. We managed to transfer from our hotel in Puerto Princesa City to Dos Palmas via a tricycle, van, and boat without hassle. Imagine if we have a stroller in tow. Yikes! Kid-toting and luggage-toting became a lot easier with babywearing!

Babywearing brings you closer to your child.

We were introduced to babywearing when Skye was about 3 months old, and I fell in love with the practice right away! I so much enjoyed the feeling of her little body pressed up against mine, the beat of our hearts right alongside each other. Since then, I have been wearing Skye wherever I go, even when doing groceries! 

Babywearing allows you to enjoy learning together.

 One evident advantage of babywearing when traveling is its ability to keep everyone entertained while we enjoy exploring and discovering together. Skye is at conversational height when worn. That way, we are able to communicate with her well, promoting early language development. I like looking at her eyes when we converse and the way she stares at me when I am talking, I can feel the depth of connection. I like the idea that she gets to discover her new world better with me by her side – right from the safety, warmth, and comfort of my motherly body.

Babywearing makes the child happier.

Whenever I wear Skye, she appears to be calmer and happier; she snoozes off easier too! When I was still using a ring sling, I easily popped out and resettled Skye inside. She can also nurse anywhere and anywhere, and her primal/survival needs are being met. Also, since breastmilk production is boosted with close contact with the baby, I knew I will not run out of supply.

Above is our babywearing photo when we climbed Mt. Tibig in Batangas. We easily ascended and descended the mountain using an Ergobaby carrier. Skye stayed neatly tucked in and very much comfortable throughout the climb because of the complete features of the carrier. It has safety straps, lumbar support, sleeping hood, wide-padded shoulder straps, and easy-to-reach pockets for keeping handy all-important items such as towels, cellphones, and coins.

Babywearing involves all members of the family in tending baby. 

As Skye aged, we switched to Ergobaby carrier. Since it is a snap-and-go type, JimBry was able to learn how to properly wear Skye, too! Through babywearing, which believed to stimulate oxytocin production, they were able to developed closeness as father and daughter, a closeness that fosters through toddlerhood.  He became a proud babywearing Dad as he managed to adjust pretty well with the babywearing world!

Carry your child as long as you can because they will eventually outgrow it. When they learn to walk and run, when they started to explore the world on their own, babywearing will remind them of their “home base”, their secure place.


I tried using a wrap, I actually liked it better than the ring sling as it can act as a great snuggle blanket, a pillow, and a cover-up altogether. The problem was, I failed to get a better hang of it.

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