Credit Card Philippines – Should You Apply?

Credit Card Philippines
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I was 21 when I got my very first credit card Philippines and I have that same credit card until now. From the initial credit limit of ₱13,000, it’s now increased to ₱550,000.

I know a lot of people who think having a credit card is nothing but a great disadvantage. They say it will only get you stuck in a quicksand of debts and financial burdens.


Having a credit card actually gave me more advantages than disadvantages.

It helps me acquire a great purchasing power. It gives me lots of free air miles and discounts which I use for travel. The rebates and reward points I accumulate through spending can be exchanged for free items and perks. I get zero-interest charges on installment purchases when funds are not available for immediate disposal. And the most important thing it did for me is to provide financial assistance to set up my own business.

I was able to get a cash advance from my credit card company which I used to open my own general merchandise store. And I did not have to wait. When I applied for the loan, it was deposited into my bank account within 24 hours. That easy and quick!

I can attest that credit cards represent an important financial lifeline when traditional funding sources, such as small-business loans, are not available. For me, having a credit card makes life more convenient as it reduces the need to carry cash. A credit card is a financial product that we use for everyday purchases such as gas, groceries, etc.

How to use credit cards to your advantage?

A good rule of thumb to maximize the benefits of credit cards is to use them responsibly. Only use a credit card in purchasing items you can pay within a reasonable amount of time. Also, make sure you have the means to pay because not being able to pay off the balance will give you accumulated interest. Remember that credit card expenses act as loans with an annual percentage rate (APR), the rate you will pay if interest charges accrue.

Credit cards, when used responsibly, have tons of advantages. That’s how it is with most financial products, isn’t it? So if you have no control, do not get one, or else you will really end up wallowing in mountains of debts you’ll have no idea how to get out from. But if you know how to use it wisely, I suggest you get one.

What’s the best credit card company in the Philippines?

I only use Citibank. have been with them for more than a decade and never did I experience problems with their service. My customer experience is excellent, and I love that their customer service is very responsive. I can easily find someone to talk to whenever there’s an issue I need to be resolved promptly.

Citibank also offers fraud alerts that serve as my safety net. The security they provide for their customers is commendable.

Beyond the ease of use and added security, Citibank credit card also helped me build a solid credit history. We were approved on more-than-a-million-worth of a car loan because of my increased credit line and great credit history with the company.

Credit cards can set you free. Just be critical to understanding the details before you sign up. Apply only with reliable credit card companies with a long history of service. Otherwise, you may end up with a card that traps you in debts instead of the one that sets you free.


No matter what your arguments are, against having a credit card or why it is important to have one, credit cards are here to stay. They have important roles in continued economic growth. It is up to you if you want to be part of the revolutionization of businesses and global activities or not.

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