Hakuna Matata Ukulele Tutorial for Kids

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Hakuna Matata, from the Disney film Lion King, is one of the fun, short songs with easy chords. Play it in ukulele along with your little ones and enjoy!

These are the chords we will be using:

Hakuna Matata Ukulele Tutorial for Kids


.                           F
Hakuna Matata

.                                       C
What a wonderful phrase

.                      F
Hakuna Matata

.                               G
Ain’t no passin’ craze

.                          Am
It means no worries

.                                  D
For the rest of your days

.                           F
It’s our problem free

.           G

.                  C
Hakuna Matata

Source: www.ukulele-tabs.com

“Hakuna matata” is a Swahili language phrase from Central East Africa; roughly translated, it means “no worries”. The word “hakuna” means “there is not here” while “matata” means “problems”. (Wikipedia)


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