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RAMEN NAGI is hailed as the best in Tokyo. Since it has been brought here in 2013, a lot of Filipinos line up for hours just to get a taste of their famous butao. With these given, there are two things to keep in mind when planning to dine at Ramen Nagi: (1) Visit early and during the non-peak hours to avoid the crowd. (2) Order their best seller – Butao King – if you have no idea on what to get.


Ramen Nagi offers four standard ramen flavours to choose from — Butao King PhP410 (my favourite), Black King PhP410 (black-coloured broth dyed with squid ink with garlicky soup), Red King PhP410 (spicy miso) Green King PhP410 (an Italian-fusion soup made from olive oil, basil & cheese). The actual ramen noodle is millimetre-thin Hakata style and very delicious.

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Butao King, with its original broth of slow-boiled pork bones, is best for starters. It is very rich in flavour. It‘s very aromatic and exudes real freshness. Other flavour options are tasty as well but they have the “umay” factor.

Ramen Nagi Restaurant Review

What we love about Ramen Nagi is the ability of diners to customize their ramen orders by filling out the order slip called Omotenashi sheet. It’s a simple checklist where diners can choose the level of spiciness, noodle firmness, side dishes, and others. You can simply check the “Chef Recommendation” box if you have no idea what to get and want to go for the standard way the chef intended the ramen to taste. Unsolicited advice: Go for “Extra Hard” noodles and if you have extra cash, add “Pork Belly” too!

To guarantee excellent quality, Ramen Nagi staff do not allow leftover take-out. Yes, you have to finish your order right there and then. 


A bowl of ramen is a bit pricey – around PhP500 – but it is a complete, satisfying meal! Check here to check Ramen Nagi’s menu and prices. 


Ramen Nagi branches that we visited were a bit small (Mall of Asia & ATC branches) but the ambience was nice. Their Japanese-theme is very consistent. Also, some of the tables are “for sharing” which means you get to be seated on a long table beside other customers that you don’t know. You can request for another table for a little “privacy” but would have to wait for an additional time since the resto is a little small.


Ramen Nagi restaurants exude busy air, especially during weekends and holidays. The long queue of diners can be unforgiving, but the wait staff were friendly and efficient.


Overall, we thought the noodles, broth and variety of ingredients used by Ramen Nagi were of excellent quality. We’ll definitely go back!

Disclaimer: We are not professional food critics. Ghaad, we cannot even cook a decent meal. We just love eating and criticizing  (lol) recording our experiences. That given, please do not take our word against us, as our reviews are solely of our personal opinion, purpose and consumption. We may be swayed, subjected, or somehow influenced by background, sex, religion, nationality, affiliation, and experiences.

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