Top 3 Growing Industries in Calgary

Growing Industries in Calgary
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If you’re someone who’s considering to move in Canada, then this article is for you!

One of the best places recommended for immigrants in Canada is Calgary. Calgary is a city in the state of Alberta, and it is one of Canada’s wealthiest, cleanest, and most livable. Calgary resident enjoy low costs of living, low taxes, and a favorable job market. All these sound good, but before you start looking up Calgary homes for sale, let’s talk about three growing industries in this city to see if you have good job prospects there! 

The following are the three key sectors driving Calgary and Alberta’s Economy:

1.) Life Sciences

Healthcare in Canada is not totally free, but we all know that it has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. On May 15,2008, Canada’s first province-wide, fully integrated health care system was announced in Alberta, Canada. In 2009, the AHS or the Alberta Health Services was established and is currently the most extensive health care and sole single-window health access system in Canada, catering to 4.4 million Albertans as of present. 

In general, Calgary or Alberta commits and invests profoundly in their healthcare and solving critical health challenges. Aside from enjoying healthcare benefits as a future resident, rest assured you will find a vast employment market for people interested in working in healthcare and medical research. Many companies in Calgary do research and development on advanced medicine, medical devices, and biotechnology. There are still extensive knowledge gaps and more to improve on in medicine, and if you’re leaning towards that field, you will enjoy working here. 

2.) Aerospace and Logistics

Calgary is an upcoming center of modernization and excellence in the global aerospace industry. Calgary has one of Canada’s busiest airports and major airlines. Recently, several companies have been venturing on commercializing aerospace technologies such as drones. Calgary’s aerospace sector is also investing in digital transformation, estimating to spend 54 million Canadian dollars by 2024. Additionally, Calgary is known for its expertise in geospatial data, navigation and communication equipment manufacturing, custom software development and manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MMRO). When traveling to Calgary, take note to book a ticket and land in Calgary International Airport to see the thriving aerospace industry for yourself. Calgary boasts 20++ companies that can take you in, each specializing in their own area of expertise. 

3.) Agribusiness

Despite being known as a metropolitan area, Calgary is a hotspot for global food and technology suppliers. Calgary or Alberta, in general, boasts the majority of Canada’s best-growing land. Historically, Alberta has always been an agricultural area. Farmland in Alberta amounts to 50,350, 183 hectares, equivalent to one-third of Alberta’s total land, which is even more concentrated in Calgary. In addition, Alberta has the majority (70%) of Canada’s total irrigated area, which allows a significant diversification of potential crops. 

With all these lush land giving access to a strong agricultural base, Calgary’s agribusiness sector has expertise in a lot of things such as primary production, protein development, and food safety and traceability. The agribusiness sector is also noted to be one of the fastest to adopt innovations in digital technology. 

In the next few years, Calgary will be investing 23% more funds than present levels, and with this explosive growth trend, the agribusiness market will expand more, and the demand for more workers will also increase. If you are interested or currently in this field, you will have no problem looking for jobs once you settle in Calgary. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Other than these three, here is a list of thriving industries in Calgary:
  • Creative Industries
  • Financial Services
  • Energy and Environment
  • Interactive Digital Media
  • Technology

And that’s it for our list of three top industries in Calgary, Canada. The future with these industries is bright, and we can expect a lot more future opportunities. Canada’s increasing demand and opportunities for more workers for their growing industries are among the main reasons it is ranked fourth globally for having immigrant-friendly policies. Local residents love living in Calgary, and in the future, you will too!

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