Burias Island Travel Guide

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Burias Island is situated in the charming coastal town of San Pascual. It is one of the three main islands of Masbate Province; the other two are Masbate Island (where Masbate City is located) and Ticao Island.

For the past few years, the once outdated municipality of San Pascual, Masbate has gained online traction because of its picturesque white sand island beaches sitting on top of striking azure salt waters. Now, it has become one of the busiest tourist destinations in the Bicol Region. 

There are various islands composing Burias but the most popular are the Sombrero, Tinalisayan, and Animasola islands.


From Metro Manila, there are three ways to reach Burias Island in San Pascual, Masbate.

First – via Naga, Camarines Sur

By Plane

  1. Manila to Naga Airport (1 hour flight)
  2. Naga Airport to Pasacao Terminal (45 minutes – 1 hour by van or jeepney)
  3. Pasacao Terminal to Pasacao Port (5 minutes’ walk)
  4. Pasacao Port to San Pascual (2- 3 hours by passenger boat)

By Bus

  1. Manila to Naga Bus Terminal (8-9 hours)
  2. Naga Airport to Pasacao Terminal (45 minutes – 1 hour by van or jeepney)
  3. Pasacao Terminal to Pasacao Port (5 minutes’ walk)
  4. Pasacao Port to San Pascual (2- 3 hours by passenger boat)

Second – via San Andres, Quezon Province

By Bus

  1. From Manila, ride Superlines bus in Cubao bound for San Andres (port), the farthest town at the tip of the Quezon Province. (9-10 hours). (For a direct bus ride, check out Barney Bus in Alabang Starmall.  Travel time will be cut to 8 hours. Be reminded though that this bus company has no air-conditioned buses. Alternately (but we do not recommend), you can catch a bus bound for Lucena Grand Terminal (you can see a lot of them in EDSA), and take another bus bound for San Andres, Quezon.)
  2. At the port you can rent boats to take you to Burias Group of Islands, with a side trip to Alibijaban Island, rate is PhP7, 000 – PhP8, 000 depending on the number of passengers. Just inquire with the locals for boat rentals. San Andres is a 2-hour boat ride away to Burias Island.

Third – via Masbate City, Masbate

By Plane

  1. Manila to Masbate Airport (1 hour flight)
  2. Masbate Airport to the Fish Port (5 minutes by tricycle PhP8 per person)
  3. Masbate Fish Port to San Pascual (8-9 hours by boat)

Note: The first option (Burias Island, Masbate via Naga, Camarines Sur) is the best among the three if you are doing a DIY tour; otherwise for group tours, via San Andres, Quezon Province is a better option as it provides easy access to three islands in Burias, plus another island in Quezon which is Alibijaban.

BURIAS ISLAND ITINERARY (via Naga, Camarines Sur)

(Please note that this IT should be used only as a guide. Necessary adjustments must be applied depending on circumstances such as the weather, transportation schedules, etc.)


10:00                     ETD Manila (from Cubao)


0600                       ETA Naga Grand Terminal. Go to the terminal Pasacao
0645                       ETA Pasacao. Find your way to Pasacao Port
0700                       Ride a boat bound for San Pascual.
1000                       ETA San Pascual. Register for the island hopping tours.
1030                       Brunch. Look for a hotel or accommodation/check-in.
1300                       Start island hopping tour: Animasola Island & Tinalisayan Island
1800                       Back to San Pascual. Rest.
1900                       Dinner. Free time.


0500                       Wake up for Sombrero Island tour
0600                       ETA Sombrero Island
0830                       Back in San Pascual main town
0930                       ETD San Pascual to Pasacao Port
1230                       ETA Pasacao port
1330                       ETA Naga Terminal. Eat. Rest. Buy pasalubong.
1500                       ETD Naga Terminal
2300                       ETA Manila

BURIAS ISLAND BUDGET (via Naga, Camarines Sur)

Bus Manila – Naga PhP600-700 per person One-way rate. Air-conditioned buses
Van from Naga – Pasacao PhP70 per person One-way rate
Boat from Pasacao to San Pascual PhP130 per person One-way rate
Island Hopping Php3,000 per boat Good for 1-5 person (3 islands)
Lodging (MSS Lodging Inn) Php200 per night Rate is per person. Non-aircon
Safe budget – PhP3,000 per person good for 2 days and 1 night (group of 5). There are travel/tour operators like Sole Adventours that organize group trips to Burias Island. Message them for their trip schedules.


Three years ago, before Burias Island made a name in the tourism industry, a boat for island hopping (good for six persons) can be hired for as low as PhP1500, good for 24 hours. Now, the cheapest you can get is PhP3000 for 3 islands. If you cannot afford the price being offered by the tourism office, and you want to try your luck, you may try scouting for local fishermen/boatmen who offer bangka rental/services for much lower price.

* San Pascual Tourism Office can be found at the port. Just register there and the staff will help you find a boat for the island hopping.


There are various resorts and lodging inns available in Burias Island, some of them are provided below. If you want to add more, please message us or leave a comment. 

  • MSS Lodging Inn
  • Sunset View Tourist Inn
  • Virjen Island Resort
  • Villa Amando Resort
  • Atlaza Resort


  1. Only small eateries are available in San Pascual. Should there be any “good” restaurants, they are difficult to find. It is best to buy all necessary items in Pasacao before heading to San Pascual.
  2. Bring enough cash as there are no available ATMs in town. Establishments do not accept credit card or traveler’s check. 

Thank you for dropping by!

*** Special thanks to Kristheel Toral for providing us all the beautiful photos and some important updates and information used in this blog post.  

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