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mountain romance
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What’s the last great love affair you’ve read? Tell us those cheesy but unconventional love stories you know and set aside typical romance fiction about love and passion. Let’s talk about a genuine devotion between two individuals that sprang from their common interest — like mountaineering.

There are a lot of love stories and ways of telling a love story but those that portray love affairs in ways that would make us swoon are not-so-common. If you haven’t read any significant love stories for some time, we have here a set for you.

Below, you will read about four love stories that are worth knowing. These are moving tales of people who found love in an almost hopeless place – on mountain summits!

Mac and Patty

Mountain Romance

Patty organized a climb in Mt. Tapulao last 2006. She met Mac in that event. These two dispelled the myth about love at first sight. They were not interested with each other during their first meeting but stars decided that theirs is a love story worth pursuing. They started dating a year after. As they explored the world together, they learned that they have a lot of things in common. They realize that like puzzles, they perfectly and snugly fit together. Eventually, their exchange of vows happened. They spent their honeymoon trekking Mt. Everest base camp. Ahhh, awesome!

Now, they are happily married for four and a half years with two wonderful kids. Mountaineering is just one of the many activities they do together as husband and wife. It’s the common hobbies that they love doing that help in strengthening their relationship. Having a picnic at the park or simple staying at home for dinner are also important and valued activities by these two.

According to Patty there will always be someone your equal or better than you. If you learn to love and accept mediocreness of your partner, and if you learn to live with satisfaction, then you are in a better track.

Migs and Agot

Mountain Romance

Migs and Agot are more like Tarzan and Jane of the modern world. A beautiful and charming young woman who met a man with exceptional abilities in the wilderness some time in 2007. It was Agot’s first climb. Migs fell in love with her at first glance. Naturally born with confidence and fighting spirit, Migs pursued Agot until he got her resounding “YES”!

Agot’s friends were so surprised when they’ve learned that she’s dating Migs. They thought he’s a local guide from Zambales. Oh well, when love sparks you get blinded, right? They are the living examples that show instant sexual attraction and lasting love do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Emotions can change and deepen over time. Never shut your door just yet, because most of the time it pays to give a chance.

This couple have been to Mt. Annapurna basecamp and Mt. Everest basecamp (insert sigh of envy here). They were in Everest when Migs did her wedding proposal (insert another sigh of envy here). They are happily living together for 10 years now with an adorable, eight-year-old son whom they named Kidlat (short for Mt. Balingkilat — the place where this eventful love story initially happened). Until now they are still very much active in mountaineering. They’ve been organizing outdoor events for 12 years! It was them who organized the Buruwisan rappelling from where I met my husband (that’s another story). They are the proud people behind one of the most respectable outdoor organizations in the Philippines, Yabag MC.

“Hindi lahat ng mag-partner pareho ng mga gustong gawin and I am lucky na nakilala ko sya at naintroduce nya sa akin ang pag-climb. Climbing makes us physically and mentally strong. It pushes us to our limits. Just like in our relationship, we have to be physically and mentally strong and we must push ourselves to our limits in order to keep the relationship and preserve the love in our hearts!” says Agot. “The mountains are our second home,” she added.

Toto and Janine

Mountain Romance

These two have a history of making inappropriate choices. Janine, being the demure and pretty lass captured Toto’s heart all at once, on their very first meeting. Toto has a girlfriend when he met Janine last 2007 during a charity climb in Mt. Ugo that was organized by Kalay Lupa. Janine knows that fact but she didn’t care anyway. So what if Toto has a girlfriend then? “It’s none of my business,” she said. Attagirl!

She wanted Toto’s company and the feeling was mutual. They started going out together after the climb. Initially with friends, eventually they found themselves alone. Their “just nothing” meetings happened more than required. They didn’t label whatever relationship they have had. They just enjoyed whatever they do, wherever they go – until one day they woke up realizing that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. If you’re wondering what might have happened to Toto’s girlfriend (yeah because they never broke up so technically they are still girlfriends-boyfriends, right?), I dunno. She apparently got lost in translation.

Climbing and travelling together taught this couple two very important lessons in life – trust and patience. “If you trust each other you already lessen the possibility of having arguments as husband and wife. If you have patience, you can easily bridge your individual differences,” says Janine. They are happily married now for seven years.

Jim and Missy

Mountain Romance

In a two-day canyoneering activity organized by Yabag MC in Mt. Romelo, the paths of these two have crossed. It was only on their way home when they had the chance to talk. Jim was mending a broken heart back then and Missy was just fulfilling a request of her blog follower to bring him on a hike. It was Jim’s cleverness during that jeepney ride back home that smitten Missy’s heart. She added him on Facebook and Yahoo Messenger and the rest is history. 2 years after their first meeting, they tied the knot.

They were in Nepal about to climb Everest base camp when they learned that Missy was carrying a child! Talk about timing! They are now married for 3 years and are blessed with a lovely little girl whom they brought on the mountain at six months of age. Their family regard mountains as places with own rhythms and orders of existence – a go-to when they need peace of mind. They believe that higher grounds are places where you can find contentment and solitude. Summits are the best playgrounds on earth.

Their leadership and social skills that were strengthened through mountaineering lead them in establishing their very own travel agency, Sole Adventours.


Finding a partner is easy, but finding the right romantic partner is a different story. There are a lot of things that you need to consider in finding your soulmate, and one of which is location. Maybe you’re looking for love in all the wrong places!

For you to find the right guy/gal, it is imperative that you put yourself in the best environment. Consider looking for Mr. or Ms. Right in heart-pounding places — like mountains! Why? Because experiencing a fast heartbeat, sweating, and strong feelings – all these happen when you’re climbing mountains – make you more susceptible to feelings of sexual attraction. So yeah, heed the mountain call and find The One.

Unsolicited Advice

Indeed, there are chances of meeting Mr/Ms right on mountaintops but don’t make your search for a relationship the center of your mountaineering life. Concentrate on the activity itself. Commune with nature, enjoy the trail, meet new friends, and make yourself happy and contented. Keep your life balanced. Become that interesting person that will attract that someone special.

Have you been looking for true love and have yet to succeed, but still hang on to the belief that he or she is out there? Most likely you’ve been looking in all of the wrong places. Climbing might help you get on the right path to meeting the person of your dreams.

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