Mt Maranat DIY Climb Guide

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Mt Maranat is the exact opposite of its neighbor mountain, Mt. Balagbag. It is forested not bare, and it offers a worthy challenge that every outdoor enthusiast long for. Although bamboo harvesting and coal mining is very eminent in the place, the forest of Maranat is still green and luscious.

Compared to other mountains where you must ascend to reach your destination, you’ll have to do a series of steep descends to reach the campsite of Maranat, yep, not summit but the campsite. Mt Maranat is actually not a mountain. I do not know why they put “Mt” before its name Maranat but I am using it anyway for the sake of SEO. “Maranat” is actually the name of the falls under Mt. Oriod, so if you are referring to the mountain to hike, it is apt to use Mt. Oriod, instead of Mt. Maranat. So if you want to each the summit of Maranat, go to the summit of Mt Oriod.

The town of Rodriguez, Rizal, serves as the jump-off point for Maranat climb. Although the mountain is under the jurisdiction of Malolos, Bulacan.

How to Get to Mt Maranat

By Private Transportation

  1. Maranat is very near Manila. If bringing your own vehicle, simply head to Rodriguez, Rizal.
  2. Upon reaching Brgy. Macabud, take the uphill road to Licao Licao, the jump-off point of Balagbag and Maranat mountains.
  3. You may leave your car there or you can drive to Sitio Balagbag and leave your vehicle in the Brgy. Hall after registration.

Public Transportation

  1. From Cubao take a bus with “Tungko” signage and get off at the last bus stop.
  2. When you reach Tungko, look for a jeepney terminal near the public market and take the one bound for Licao Licao.
  3. First trip is around 5AM and the last jeepney trip from Licao Licao back to Tungko is at 6PM.
  4. Mt. Maranat is at the same jump-off point of Mt. Balagbag, the last stop of the jeepney trip.

Mt Maranat Expenses

Bus from Cubao to Tungko Php55 – air-con Php35 – ordinary  per way (2-3 hours)
Jeep from Tungko to Licao-Licao Php27.00 per way (45 minutes to 1 hour)
Registration Php30.00
Tour Guide Php500 – 5-7 persons

Permission to hike in Maranat may be secured from the PENRO Office in McArthur Hi-way, Guinhawa, Malolos, Bulacan. Just bring a letter of intent with the names of the participants, or you may send it to Please be advised that no locals from Rodriguez, Rizal is authorized to provide permits/waivers to climbers as Maranat is under the jurisdiction of Bulacan.

You may contact DENR PENRO BULACAN in any of the following:

E-mail address:
Contact numbers: 044-7947090 * 044-6620434 * 044-7940152 * 044-6903187

Note: We read lots of complaints about getting permits to hike Maranat. Most of them say their e-mails were not answered and calls were not taken properly. Do you have the same experience?

Mt Maranat Sample Itinerary (Overnight Camp)

First Day

0900 From Cubao, take bus to Jolibee Tungko
1000 From Jolibee Tungko, take jeep to Licao-Licao
1100 ETA Licao-Licao 1200 Start Trek
1230 ETA Mini Wet Market; Buy Supplies
1330 Resume Trek 0300 ETA Nursery
1600 ETA Ippo River (River crossing)
1800 ETA Campsite (Tatay Nestor House); Register; Early Lunch

Second Day

0600 Wake Up Call/Prepare Breakfast
0700 Start bouldering at Maranat Falls
0900 Head back to campsite
1000 Break Camp Start Descend
1230 Back to Jump off/Wash up/Lunch
1400 Take jeepney to Tungko
1500 ETA Tungko; Dinner; Back in Quezon City

*Day hike and night trek is possible. Please do necessary adjustments according to your preferred time.

Mt Maranat Travel Tips 

  • Mt. Maranat has a big campsite, but mountaineers tend to flock in the area during weekends so make sure to be there early.
  • Network availability fluctuates throughout the trail.
  • Water sources are abundant along the trails.
  • Last trip of jeep going back to Tungko from Licao-Licao is at 6PM.
  • For affordable climb packages, contact Sole Adventours.
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Interesting Facts About Maranat

  • Maranat is actually not the mountain itself but the name of the falls covered by Mt. Oriod. Going to the peak of Maranat (which is actually Mt. Oriod) will take around 4 hours of trekking from the campsite. Since a lot of mountaineers flock in this new hiking destination in Rizal, many have referred to the site as Mt. Maranat. There is a nipa hut in the campsite which is owned by Tatay Nestor, the caretaker of Maranat.

Note from the writer:

This blog post was initially written in 2013. Back then, permits and guide were not required to hike Maranat. Back then you have to cross the river through a cable wire. Back then bamboo harvesting and coal mining is very evident in the area. All of those are gone now. Although we tried our best to provide the most recent version possible, we might have missed some. Please let us know so we can do necessary updates. 

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