Osmena Peak Climb Guide

Osmena Peak is the highest point in the province of Cebu. The mountain boasts a magnificent twilight view when the sun starts setting down the slopes of Negros.

General information about Osmena Peak

Height: 1,013 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)
Entry point: Mantalongon Market, Dalaguete, Cebu
Days required / Trek time: 1-2 days / 1-2 hours (summit)
Specs: Minor Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 1-2

  • Osmena Peak was named in honour of the famous political clan in Cebu.
  • The mountain summit offers a splendid sight of multiple jagged hills that make up the Mantalongon range. These green mounds resemble the beautiful Chocolate Hills of Bohol. From the summit, you can also see the stunning 360-degree views of shorelines, the island of Badian, the lush farms of vegetables, and a glimpse of neighbouring provinces, Bohol and Negros.
  • The toothed hills are situated near each other. They were majestically formed from rocks.
  • Farming is the primary source of income in the area and this is very evident while trekking up the mountain. Trails are a combination of wide plantation and thinly forested areas.

How to Get to Osmena Peak from Cebu City

Private Transportation

  1. From Cebu City, take the South Cebu National Highway until you reach the town of Carcar.
    Continue driving southeast and take the left road until you reach the town of Dalaguete. You will pass by the town of Sibunga.
  2. After crossing a bridge, you will see a junction in Dalaguete populated with bakeries and habal-habals, take the left turn that leads to Mantalongan Market. The right road leads to the southwestern towns of Cebu such as Barili, Dumanjug, Moalboal, Badian, and others. Be informed that the road leading to Mantalongan market is winding, rough, and uneven; consider the kind of vehicle you are bringing.
  3. From Mantalongon Market, you may start the roughly 2-hour trek up to the summit of Osmena. If your vehicle can manage the rough roads that lead to the summit, you can drive until the nearest jump-off point at the foot of the Mantalongon ranges and trekking will only take 30 minutes.

Public Transportation

 First Option (the one we took)

  1. From Cebu City, take a multicab bound for Park Mall. (10-15 minutes)
  2. From Park Mall, you have to board another multicab bound to Southbus Station. (20-25 minutes)
  3. Take the bus bound for Oslob or Bato via Dalaguete and tell the driver to drop you off at the junction. (2.5 – 3 hours)
  4. From the junction, take habal-habal (motorcycles for hire) until the Mantalongan Market.
    You can start your way up to Osmena Peak from there.

Second Option

  1. Go to Cebu City’s Carbon market.
  2. Take the minibus bound for Mantalongon near the Caltex gasoline station.
  3. You can then start trekking up to Osmena Peak from Mantalongon Market.

Osmena Peak Expenses

Multicab to Park Mall Php8  
Multicab from Park Mall to South Bus Station Php10  
Ordinary Ceres Bus to Dalaguete Php101 We suggest you ride air-con bus
Habal-Habal to Mantalongan Market Php50  
Guide Fee Php300 Optional. No fixed price.

Osmena Peak Itinerary (sample IT for overnight camp – via Dalaguete)

Day 01

1000 ETD South Bus Station
1230 ETA Dalaguete (take lunch)
1300 ETD Mantalongan Market
1320 ETA Mantalongan Market (buy provisions)
1400 Start Trek
1600 ETA Campsite (set-up camp)
1700 Dinner and socials

Day 02

0500 Wake up. Prepare breakfast.
0600 Breakfast / Break camp
0700 Start trek down or back to Mantalongan Market
0900 Habal-habal to Dalaguete
0930 Wait for the bus bound for Cebu City
1200 ETA Cebu City

If you plan to traverse to Kawasan Falls you may opt to follow this IT instead. After breakfast…

0700 Start trek to Kawasan Falls
1200 ETA Kawasan Falls
1700 ETD Kawasan Falls to Matutinao bus stop
1730 Ride a bus bound for Cebu City
2000 ETA Cebu City

*We day-hiked Osmena Peak and went to Kawasan Falls via a habal-habal after our climb. Easier that way.

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Climb Tips for Osmena Peak

  • A water source is located along the trail, on the way to the summit. Fetch enough to bring to the campsite or peak because no water source is located there. There are no water sources in the area so make sure to keep your water containers full whenever there’s a chance.
  • It is best to get a reliable guide if you are planning to traverse Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls. Even some of the locals are not familiar with the trails leading to the waterfalls.
  • I do not advise setting up a camp at the peak of Osmena as it is narrow and uneven.  There are established campsites just a few meters down the summit.
  • Use large rocks and ropes to secure your tent. The camping ground has loose rocks and pebbles and setting up tents can be challenging.
  • Put on light clothes – long sleeves and trekking pants are advisable, but also bring winter clothes or sweater to keep yourself warm if you plan to stay overnight. Temperature can suddenly drop when the wind starts to pick up.
  • Bring sun protection gears. Insect repellants too.
  • If you do not want to tire yourself, you may request the habal-habal to bring you until the foot of Osmena (30mins trek) for Php100 per person.
  • Be sure to get your driver’s number and arrange a pick-up time. No commuter vehicles ply the area.

Interesting Facts About Osmena Peak

  • Mantalongon, Dalaguete is also known as “The Vegetable Basket” or “The Vegetable Kingdom” of Cebu due to the vast vegetable farms in the area.
  • There is an option to traverse Osmena Peak down to Kawasan Falls in Brgy. Matutinao, Badian, Cebu.
  • Mantalongon holds Utanon Festival (Vegetable Festival) every year. It is a celebration of dance and music as thanksgiving for the good harvest.
  • Mantalongon is said to be the summer capital of Cebu.
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The writer would like to thank Maam Lisa Marin and her entire family for accommodating us during our stay in Mantalongan.


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