Rookie Wander Campsite, San Luis Batangas

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For the first time in a year, we’re able to travel out from Cavite. Since we have no idea where to go, I called a friend I know who was stranded in one of Batangas‘ coastal communities and asked if we can visit her instead.

She was elated to hear my proposition, although she told us border checkpoints might ask for medical certificates, which we do not have. Regardless, we braved our way to San Luis, Batangas. I told JimBry, should police officers confront us, we’ll just gladly head back home. Considering the different travel restrictions applied on borders, it’s really confusing what requirements are needed for travelers/visitors.

The yearning for a change of scenery was so intense, you know. So even if we know we might be shooed back home after a long drive, we still had to try, just for the sake of. 

Luck was on our side that day. We were not flagged down at checkpoints. Yay!

So, about the place.

The Rookie Wanders Campsite

The campsite was developed and maintained by my dear friend, Carol. She was once a corporate whore who turned her life 360 degrees when she decided to leave her high-paying job and live a free life by the sea. I can tell you more stories about her, but I do not want to spoil the excitement of knowing it yourself. 

Going back, The Rookie Wanders Campsite is a plain and bare beachfront lot. However, it has everything you can look for in a quick, fun getaway near Metro Manila. It has a peaceful ambiance, jaw-dropping views, and clean salt waters. It offers tranquility you will not find elsewhere. 

What You Need to Know

  1. There are no amenities available. Like what I wrote above, it’s bare. It has nothing. Not even a nipa cottage. Nada. There is a CR in one of the houses being occupied by Carol, which you can use when you need to poo or pee.
  2. No sari-sari store nearby, so bring whatever you will be needing.
  3. The seabed is rough and murky, so Rookie Wanders Campsite may not a very good option if you want to waddle waddle, or if you have kids. The selling point of the sea, according to Carol, is the amazing underwater creatures which you’ll see if you go diving. We have yet to experience and see that ourselves. And oh, I have to add, the sunset on that side of the world is spectacular! You never should miss it.
  4. There is a camping fee ₱200 if you want to stay overnight.

What Else You Need to Know


  1. Nothing rowdy, no loud music, no videoke. 
  2. No loitering. Stay only within the campground or hang out in the sea.


  1. Observe proper garbage disposal. This is very elementary, common. If possible, take your trash home with you.
  2. DO NOT take home marine creatures for souvenirs. Same with birds. 
  3. Conserve water. There is no running water except for what is on the hose that is tapped to a spring.
  4. No hurting of animals – stray or pet. Do not feed the dogs with fish bones.
  5. Dogs bark at night when they feel the presence of outsiders, humans and animals alike. So yeah, if you’re not comfortable about this, do not stay overnight.
  6. Do not stand or park under the coconut trees.


  1. No flush, no shower, no faucet. All that’s available are buckets and dippers. Floor drainage doesn’t work well. Make use of the brush stick to push out the clogged water. 
  2. Do not leave anything when you go out. Always take your toiletries with you. 
  3. No unlimited supply of water.


  1. There are no post lamps or lights in the area so expect pitched darkness after dusk.
  2. There are no electric sockets where you can plug your electric devices.


  1. Always wear your slippers. The seabed is rough. Better yet, use aqua shoes. 
  2. No drunk swimming. 
  3. Night swimming is advised until 10PM only for everyone’s safety. 

NOTE: The campground is a private lot and is yet under observation if it will be approved for further commercial projects or not. For further information, you may directly contact Carol at 09158233464

How to Get to Rookie Wanders Campsite in San Luis, Batangas

  1. From Manila, drive towards Lipa, Batangas through South Luzon Express Way (SLEX).
  2. From Lipa toll exit, head towards right going to Alitagtag, Batangas. There are street signs along the way to Alitagtag or Lemery.
  3. When you reach the end point of Alitagtag, turn right before Sta. Teresita entry then from you are in San Luis. Call Carol if you get lost.

You can also use Waze and Google Map and just pin at Rookie Wanders Campsite. Easy peasy!

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