10 Stereotypes about Single Women

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There is a belief that all women are dreaming of marriage and every girl pictures her wedding day in detail. Is it true that marriage is the ultimate goal of every woman? Perhaps. For many young single girls, marriage is a kind of a fairytale. However, do women who stay single in their 30s think the same? Or there must be something wrong with them? Let’s determine the myths circulating around bachelorettes and find out the truth.

10 Stereotypes about Single Women

1. They secretly want to get married.

Marriage is not for all, but society can’t admit it. People get married to establish a new family or to make their relationships officially exclusive. It seems that every woman wants it. If she doesn’t, it means she hasn’t found her special someone and feels ashamed of her single status. This myth is quite widespread but there is no logic behind it – life goals are not limited to marriage.

2. Cats are their future.

There is a silly myth that if a woman likes cats and keeps one and doesn’t have a boyfriend, it means she is doomed to loneliness. Well, some people like cats, some people are fond of dogs, but both groups have equal chances to find an ideal partner, fall in love, and get married. 

3. They don’t want to have kids.

To shatter this myth, we’ll remind you that contemporary science and medicine can help a woman become a mother without man’s assistance. If she is single, it doesn’t mean she can’t be a parent. Artificial fertilization or adoption can make her a mother.

4. They are lonely.

People feel lonely when they have no one to talk with, when they feel abandoned, and nobody cares for them. Some people feel this way even being in a relationship. Sometimes a woman feels lonely next to her husband. Loneliness is a state of mind that doesn’t depend on whether you’re in a relationship, married, or single. A contemporary woman is independent enough, she has her interests and she can form her social circle.

5. They are dissatisfied.

There are many jokes and anecdotes on this topic, but if you look at some married women, you’ll see that everything is vice versa. Many women expect too much from a marriage, and when they don’t get what they want, they regret they sacrificed their dreams just to be like others.

6. They are obsessed with their career.

A successful career may require a good chunk of time, thus little time is left for personal life. If a single woman is focused on her job, it doesn’t mean she gave up on her personal life. One day she’ll rearrange her priorities.

7. They don’t have sex.

There is a similar stereotype about married couples. Partners get used to each other, get lazy, their sexual desire drops, etc. In fact, both stereotypes are only partially true. Many married couples manage to maintain the flame of desire, and single women do have sex. For this, they don’t have to get married.

8. They are against marriage.

If a woman is single, it doesn’t mean that a serious, long-term relationship is not for her. Some women who are unhappy in their marriage become bitter opponents of married life.

9. They are rude.

Bitchiness is a trait of character, not a characteristic of a single woman. Today women are independent and purposeful, and this myth is being spread by men who were refused by these women. They perceive that rejection as rudeness.

10. They are intimidating.

It’s uncommon for a woman (according to society) to be too successful, busy, ambitious. In order to attract a man, she should be worse than him or hide her talents. A single woman can intimidate only those men who lack confidence and envy her balanced life. However, not all single women are strong and successful, the same as not all men are afraid of strong women.

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