She is in Love with Another Guy – A Situation Where Jealousy Has the Right to Live

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Let’s not wander in the clouds, believe in fairy tales and see the truth in person: when she has a “friend”, these are the first alarming bells, after which your long suffering may begin. In order not to allow jealousy and yearning to devour you whole, as they say, along with shoes, learn to recognize the beginning of the end.

Relationships & Jealousy

Your friend became secretive and silent, and you can not understand – she has a simple depression or she hides from you the worst – the new guy. This story is familiar to millions. Even if you have a fantastic sex, the mountains are shaking and the cannons are rattling, in thought, she may have been a long time with another guy. Physical treason compared with this is nonsense because the true love is very difficult to identify, but it leads to terrible consequences. Your (or…his?) girl looks at her “friend” a little longer than at the rest of the men, and inside you have an aching feeling of jealousy? – Most likely, feelings do not fail you. There are 6 signs that it’s time to finish this performance:

In bed, everything was fine (or vice versa, very bad)

When the new love has not transferred her through the threshold of another’s bedroom yet, she can start to arrange you a full-board spa. Do not flatter yourself: in fact, she wants another. That’s what the psychotherapists say on this topic: “It happens because the passion that flares up in her secret relationship focuses on you.” Of course, it does not always happen in this way, some girls, on the contrary, cool down to you, and it is not yet known what is worse from these two options.

She No Longer Shares Her Problems

Emotionally she can be supported by a new guy for a long time, so she does not want to tell about what she has in her heart also to you. She has enough energy for the main guy, so she acts like she swallowed the tongue. Over time, it can grow into a rejection of sex with you. Psychotherapists say that this is the brightest sign: she has someone. Get suspicious if she doesn’t react in any way when she sees you scrolling through the pictures of beautiful Russian girls.

Your Dignity Turns Into Flaws

In addition to all of the above, she can begin to blame you for what she used to love. Let’s say, now you do not cook very tasty, but your tastes in the cinema are severely criticized now. Moreover, she finds negative qualities in you, which she did not pay attention to before. “This is especially dangerous because, probably, she compares you to someone else, and that, the other wins on many points,” – says Dr. Love, famous American psychotherapist.

Relationship & Jealousy

She Can Not Tear Herself Away From the Smartphone

If earlier she used chat rooms and social networks to work and communicate with friends, now it is something more for her. She understands that you are jealous, but still hides her correspondence from you. “Subconsciously, she operates according to the scheme” not to say – it means not to lie, “says Gail Saltz, a psychologist and author of “The Power of Different”.

You Often Hear the Name of Her “Friend”

“Usually we do not hesitate to mention our friends in conversation, but when she abuses his name – it’s an alarming sign,” – says Dr. Love. This is something like an invitation on her part, she says, come on, be jealous and ask why I talk so often about him. “When you cannot stand it and accuse her of this – watch her reaction – if she starts defending herself and insists that they are just friends – It’s time to get on your guard or start acting, what’s even better,” says Gail Soltz.

She Found the New Tactics in the Dispute with You

Imagine, you quarreled, and, instead of her usual reaction, you come across unusual comments and strange answers, which you have not heard from her yet. It is likely that she is discussing your tensions with another and uses his arguments in arguing with you. How about that?

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