Mt Manabu DIY Climb Guide

Mt Manabu DIY Climb Guide
Mt Manabu DIY Climb Guide
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The Mountain

Mt Manabu or Manabu Peak (abbreviated from “Mataas na Bundok”) is a stress-free climb not only because of its proximity to Metro Manila but also because of its easy trails with almost no assault. This mountain is one of my favorites.  Compared to Mt. Batulao, this foothill offers refreshing short and forested trails.  Manabu Peak is a great introduction climb for beginners. If you will trek/walk in a normal pacing, you will be able to reach its highest point within three hours – indeed a fun climb destination.

The summit of Manabu Peak overlooks the municipalities of Batangas and the other neighboring mountains such as Malipunyo, Maculot, and Makiling. The campsite can accommodate around 20 tents.

Mt. Manabu is one of the three major peaks of the Malipunyo Range (the other two are the Malipunyo summit and Susong Dalaga peak). You can also do Malarayat Range Traverse if you are looking for a more challenging hike. 

How to Get to Mt Manabu Peak Jump-Off Point (Projected Expenses Included)

By Public Transportation

  1. From Buendia, take a bus bound for Lipa, Batangas (2 hours; P130 – P150 pesos / head). Ask the conductor to drop you in Fiesta Mall junction, or you can get off at Tambo exit and ride a jeepney to Lipa and get off at Fiesta Mall.
  2. From Fiesta Mall, take a tricycle to Sulok in Brgy. Sta Cruz (30 minutes; P100 – P120 / trip). You have to pass by the registration area (Brgy. Hall) before heading to the jump-off. (P20 / head)*If the bus passes by STAR Tollway, you can take a tricycle from the bus terminal to the tricycle terminal in Fiesta Mall.

By Private Transportation

  1. Take SLEX and follow through to STAR Tollway, exit at Lipa-Tambo.
  2. Follow the highway back to Lipa. Go past Robinsons Mall until you see the Fiesta Mall junction.
  3. Turn right there, follow the road, and make a left turn to the road that leads to Sto. Tomas.Make a right turn at Brgy. Sta Cruz and ask the locals for the direction to the narrow road that leads to the trailhead where parking spaces are available.

** Guides are available at the jump-off but not required (Php500 for a day hike; Php1, 250 for an overnight)

Sample Itinerary (Overnight) for Mt Manabu


0700 – ETD Metro Manila
1000 – ETA Fiesta Mall (Buy provisions)
1030 – Ride a tricycle to Sulok, Brgy. Sta. Cruz
1100 – Preps before the trek
1130 – Start trek
1500 – Campsite / Pitch Tent
1600 – Trek to summit / Photo Ops
1700 – Trek back to the campsite
1800 onwards – Prepare dinner / Socials / Rest


0600 – Wakeup / Prepare breakfast
0700 – Breakfast / Clean-up activity
0900 – Break Camp
1000 – Start descent
1200 – Back at the jump-off point. Ride a tricycle back to Lipa City
1300 – Lunch
1400 – Ride a bus back to Metro Manila
1700 – ETA Manila

Summit is just 20 minutes away from the campsite, so you can leave some of your stuff that weigh you down in your tent. You can do the summit trek either on the first day or the second day, it’s all up to you.

Climb Tips for Mt. Manabu Peak

  • Bring enough water. Water source is only available when you take the trail via Grotto.
  • Make sure to eat the scrumptious Batangas Lomi. Manabu climb is not complete without having a taste of it.
  • Bring insect repellent lotion. 
  • For affordable Manabu Peak climb packages, contact Sole Adventours.
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Interesting Facts about Manabu Peak

  • There is a hut midway through the trail where Tatay Tinio resides. He is the brother of the reputable Tatay Pirye, the original “The Man” of Mt Manabu. You can take a rest there and while away time while enjoying bottomless, home-made
  • Kapeng Barako that can overthrow the pricey Starbucks.
    There are two separate trails that you can take. Both lead up to the campsite/summit. You can pass by both trails by using the “traditional trail” on your way up and the “grotto trail” on your way down, or the other way around.


We see lots of photos of Mt Manabu climbers clinging on to the cross at the summit. Please refrain from doing such. It is not only disrespectful to the holy symbol but also to the locals. Behave accordingly; preserve the sanctity of the mountain, you’re just a guest there.

You may also check our Mt Mabilog Climb Guide with Side Trip to Lake Pandin if you are looking for another easy climb near Metro Manila. 


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