Mt. Mapalad DIY Climb Guide

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Mt. Mapalad is the newest climb destination that is now making a buzz in social media because of the beautiful palm-shaped structures against an impressive view of mountain range and sunrise that can be found on its summit.

Mt Mapalad is a good destination for mountaineers of different levels, perfect for a day hike and beginners. Its trail offers beautiful scenery.

Quick Facts

Mt. Mapalad

Height: 750+ MASL
Location: Barangay San Andres, Tanay, Rizal
Difficulty: 3/9

TRIVIA: Mt. Mapalad is named after a plant that looks like the palm of a hand.  (I initially thought they called it Mapalad after they created the palad-like structures on its summit. You too? 😛

Photo by: Mitos Penaverde

How to Get to Mt. Mapalad

By Private Transportation

Mt Mapalad is 1-2 hours of drive from Metro Manila depending on the road traffic condition. Best way to go there is via Marcos Highway passing through Cogeo until you reach Brgy. San Andres. If you’re a group of at least five (5) people, you can opt to hire a van or rent a car for convenience. There’s a parking fee of Php50/vehicle.

By Public Transportation / Commute

Via Cogeo

  1. From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Antipolo Cogeo or Padilla.
  2. Alight when you reach Cogeo Gate 2 or Cogeo Public Market and walk towards Cogeo City Mall where you will see the jeep terminal.
  3. Take a jeepney bound for Sampaloc and get off at Brgy. San Andres. Tell the driver you’ll going to Mt Mapalad or Mt. Batolusong jump-off point.
  4. Ride tricycle going to the jump-off or registration area.

Via Tanay

  1. Take a jeepney going to the Tanay Public Market.
  2. From Public Market, ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc and get off at the intersection.
  3. Ride another jeepney going to Cogeo and get off at Brgy. San Andres.

Note: Last trip is at 6PM.

Mt. Mapalad Trek

Mt. Mapalad summit is a 2-3 hours hike from the jump-off point. There are two routes going up this mountain – (1) the challenging but faster route to the summit and (2) the easier but longer route. The first option is better as it passes by the Kinabuan Falls; the second route is more exposed to the sun.

Route 1 – The first 30 minutes, the trail passes through flat terrain, rice paddies, and river streams. This part of the trail is pretty easy, the challenge comes when you reach the slippery and rocky terrain followed by the steep slope and the assault going up the summit. Rope and bamboo-assists are available to make things easier. Sitting areas/stopovers makes the trek more convenient.

Mt Mapalad Sample Itinerary

Use this sample IT if you want to catch the breathtaking sunrise at the summit. If you are not into the dance of light, you can leave Metro Manila as late as 7AM. You can adjust the timing accordingly.

01:00AM – ETD from Cubao to Brgy. San Andres in Tanay, Rizal
02:30AM – ETA to Brgy. San Andres (Jump-off Point)
02:40AM – Registration/Orientation
03:00AM – Start Trek
06:00AM – ETA Summit
06:30AM – Mt. Mapalad View Deck, Take Pictures, Relax
09:00AM – Start Descend
11:30AM – ETA jump-off
12:00NN – Lunch / Rest
01:00PM – Back to Manila
03:00PM – ETA Manila

Mt Mapalad Budget / Expenses

Jeepney from Cubaoo to Cogeo₱28
Jeepney from Cogeo to Brgy, San Andres₱50
Registration/Eco Fee ₱100Mandatory
Guide Fee – Day Hike₱500Mandatory. Good for 1 to 5 persons. Additional ₱100/head in excess of 5.
Guide Fee – Day Overnight₱1250Mandatory
Tent Rental₱300For those staying overnight and have no tents.
Shower Fee₱20Optional. Shower rooms are only located at the jump-off point/registration area.

Mt Mapalad Climb Tips

  • Unlike Mt. Batulao, there are no locals selling food and refreshment throughout the trail to the summit of Mt Mapalad. Bring your own trail snacks and water to keep you hydrated during the climb.
  • If possible, do not climb on a weekend. The accessibility of Mt. Mapalad makes this mountain a go-to place for those who are looking for a quick nature fix. The queue of people wanting to have their photos taken at the prominent wooden hand structures (Palad 1 and Palad 2) is looooooooooooong. We kid you not!
  • If you are a sucker of a sea of clouds, you will have a greater chance to witness it when you climb between March to June.
  • Wear comfortable hiking attire. Make sure to use non-slipped closed shoes or sandals suitable for hiking.
  • Pack light.
  • Use waterproofed bags for your valuables, in case it rains.

Our Plate of Unsolicited Thoughts

  • Don’t vandalize on trees and rock formations. Keep in mind that no one is interested to see your name.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Always follow Leave No Trace policy wherever you are. Bring your trash with you. Use reusable containers and utensils. ALWAYS.

Enjoy climbing!

Help us keep this climb guide updated by posting updates about the mountain (fees, new requirements, etc.) on the comment section. Your information will be very beneficial to everyone. Thank you!


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